Saturday, 11 October 2008

The Lost Month

Much apologies for those who thought I'd died (though you'd obviously missed my additions on the right) which I don't really have any great excuse for. Probably wound down a bit too much on my two weeks leave in September, which was immediately followed by an uneventful 44th birthday and the start of 3 weeks of Dad-sitting at Meldrum Court, where I squatted in my youngest nephews room while he and the rest of the clan holidayed in Orlando.

But today I'm back at the flat and thought I'd make amends, though I almost posted last weekend (but my wi-fi dongle ran out of credit).

Aberdour Road, Sunday 5 October (note insect swarms under the trees)
Most of my free time online was spent downloading porn from or downloading tracks and podcasts from iTunes. I've only started an iTunes account as from last month so I've got a bit of catching up to do.

I've also bought a new mobile handset - a Motorola W377. It's the first one I've had with FM radio on it. It was technically only £25, but the Carphone Warehouse deal insisted on £20 credit on a new number, so it was £45 on the day. Thus I'm on two numbers currently while I 'drain' the £20 credit from the new number in the new handset. I'll return to my usual number when that's done, and put the old SIM in the new phone. Bit awkward though.

My three handsets. One Samsung (currently in use with my 'old' number but out of credit for outgoing calls), and two Motorolas. The middle one is my handset before last, but it developed a speaker fault in the spring - rather fatal for voice calls. The new handset (currently running on a new SIM and number until the £20 credit runs out) is the bottom right one.

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