Saturday, 4 April 2009

Meat to Please You - Damian Duke - ADULTS ONLY

A little different today, as I post more out of curiousity than genuine lust.

Our meat today belongs to UK porn star Damian Duke, whom many would have seen being interviewed on the faintly ridiculous C4's "The Sex Education Show v Pornography" in the week. He does both gay and straight porn, as he admitted on the show, however his claims to always use condoms on the gay stuff (which he never does for the straight stuff) is rather blown out of the water by a little careful googling;

"Bareback Brit Ladz: I'm Gonna Fuck My Mate" is his latest gay-for-pay, released the day after his appearances.

I'm not linking directly, as my views on that are pretty well known.

Meanwhile here's a link to the zipped photoset from which the pics above appear:

Damian's MySpace Profile

More Sportlads @

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