Monday, 20 April 2009

Meat to Please You - Ted Colunga - ADULTS ONLY

This hung Hungarian does go by a couple of other aliases (and several different looks over the years including bearded, bald and chest-shaved) but here he is grappling with a suit for Men at Play.

As one of the most prolific performers in gay porn across the world, It's a fair bet he'll appear here again.


Lyndon said...

Could you change you background color please. It's very hard on the eyes and makes it hard to read sith some of the typeset colors you use.


Graeme said...

Dunno if that's any better? I had already dumped another shade of green for readability reasons, but some colours show differently on different machines.

You could try subscribing in Google Reader, where the content remains without any formatting.

There are other things which may be affecting your eyesight, given the post you commented on ;-)

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