Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Tudor Totty - Jonathan Rhys Meyers

If the above three pictures (and those that feature in the new "Radio Times") don't lure you to BBC Two's showing of "The Tudors" from next Friday (5 October) then the clip below from the season one finale might tip the balance. Wonderful direction here.Not to mention technique!

Splash it about 'Enry!

Jonathan Rhys Meyers on Wikipedia

Soap Totty - 2 new pics

Thanks to Digital Spy for these:

First is Kyal Marsh, who has left "Neighbours" and ran away to the circus (namely the second series of "Cirque de Celebrité" on Sky One from 7 October).

"We reckon the sight of Kyal's lycra-clad body - "My, hasn't he grown!" etc etc - makes up for the fact that the first series subjected us to ten weeks of that godawful Grace from Big Brother.

However, as loin-teasing as this publicity shot is, we can't help wishing that the bulge in Kyal's trousers was as pronounced as those in his arms, shoulders and chest. Hopefully Sky One's costume department will have rectified this alarming situation ..."

Then there's Matthew Wolfenden from "Emmerdale" who's done this shot for "Cosmopolitan".

DS reports:
"He’s decided to whip his kit off for Cosmopolitan Centrefolds for three thoroughly laudable reasons:
To raise awareness for the Everyman Campaign, the UK's leading male cancer campaign.
To celebrate Emmerdale's 35th birthday.
To strengthen the
radiocarpal joints of teenage boys across the nation."

I was in the British gymnastics team from the ages of six to 16," Matthew reveals. "All those years of training have paid off!" Hmm. Can anybody think of a way to test his flexibility?"

Doctor Who in Rome - confirmed (spoilers)

The official BBC site has confirmed filming of series 4 at Cinecitta studios in Rome. The episode concerns the fate of Pompeii as Vesuvius famously erupts. Guest stars are Peter Capaldi, Phil Davis and Tracey Childs.

The Pompeii scenario has been visited before in the wider world of "Doctor Who" - as a Big Finish audio adventure (featuring the seventh Doctor and Mel) entitled "The Fires of Vulcan" back in 2000.

David Tennant and Catherine Tate are pictured above during the location shoot earlier this month.

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Naked News (Yes full frontal naked!)


You may have seen this in my links. This is what it's all about. Very surreal watching REAL news as your hunky newsreader coolly strips down. Those of you with no patience go to about 5 mins 20 secs in.

I would post an embed, but these don't appear to work.

This 'safe' YouTube report by Canada's Entertainment Today gives you a taster and a look behind the scenes ...

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

More Crimewatch Totty - Rav Wilding

Thanks to Stuart for sending this to me.

Remember do have wet dreams ...

(This month's show is next week on BBC One, or BBC Two in Scotland)

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Adult Video Sharing site recommendation - YouAction.com

YouAction.com is a site I discovered lately but one that refuses to work properly with my Google Reader tool and thus is often overlooked in my "18+" blog. Most surfers people know of XTube and PornoTube but this one seems largely gay and includes very long clips.

EDIT 19 Sep: I've removed the embedded videos from here since they didn't work, but you can access them all direct.

Or click here for my favourites list

UPDATE, 6 FEBRUARY 2008: Sorry guys, looks like the site has gone down replaced by a gambling site.

Doctor Who: The Doctor Dances ... 5, 6, 7, 8 !

From the reliable Babel - a real toe-tapping compilation which goes all the way up to the series 3 climax via the medium of choreography (whether intented or otherwise) ...

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

More Rugby Porn? Dieux du Stade video

At least I think that's the origin. Enjoy the jocks (of both sorts) ...

Rugby Porn with Johnny B

In honour of the Rugby World Cup here's Johnny in one of his many porn appearances. This does not go anywhere near showing all but it's still well horny!

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Top 100 Scottish Websites ... or is it?

Anyone know why I appear to have been booted off the Top 100 Scottish Websites while I was on hols? As I was at no8 last time I looked I suspect foul play ...

Peter, Bjorn & John - Young Folks

Not a threesome in a gay twink movie but a Radio 2 favourite I've latched onto lately ...

Rugby totty: Sean Lamont gets his kit off again ...

Downloaded from the SRU official site - so they're obviously taking advantage of his higher profile. He also appeared (in Scotland) on the cover of the current "Radio Times" alongside Chris Paterson and Jason White.

Back from the Holidays ...

Approaching Muthill from Crieff

Sunshine in the woods near Crieff

Perth and River Tay looking east

Looking north west from The Knock, near Crieff

A bloom in the caravan park gardens

A floral display in Muthill village
Alas, I appear to have lost my camera in Perth last Friday, but here's some faves from the last memory stick dump.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Hello from the Holidays!

Here's a small selection if the Crieff snapshots. We've been pretty fortunate with the weather as you can see. I've had to come all the way to Stirling especially to get net access today. I chose the very week that the PCs in the Crieff Library were down for 'essential maintenance' ...
More details (and Manchester pics) when I'm back home.

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