Saturday, 21 November 2009

Doctor Who/2001 genius crossover

Discovered this last night and was well impressed by the work that's gone into it. You need to be fairly familiar with the 1968 film "2001: A Space Odyssey" (though need only know the basic iconography of "The Wheel In Space", its contemporary DW serial) to appreciate it properly.

Here's to Tardis Timegirl !

(Yes, more "Doctor Who" along shortly ...obviously)

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Sunday Joint - 15 November 2009 - ADULTS ONLY

I think this one is called 'Tension' and takes place in a prison cell.

(I didn't realise the preview still appears when viewed on some computers - not mine, hence the delay - so I've removed the embed and replaced with a basic link above. Sorry folks)

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Meat to Please You - Malachi Marx (Retired)- ADULTS ONLY!

This gorgeous guy first caught my attention when I saw this photoset from the August 2009 edition of Freshmen, for which he was the deserved cover star, though he's also done a fair bit of solo and duo work for Randy Blue. Not altogether surprisingly, he had also modelled previously for Ralph Lauren and D&G amongst others (love to see what those looked like). I wasn't aware he was also doing high-end gay escorting work from in between those times - in fact he embarked on the porn modelling to raise his profile (and pricetag) as an escort, nor that he was straight with a fiance and a baby on the way. However, he trumped all of this by announcing via Twitter that he was retiring from the escorting and porn work as of Hallowe'en just passed and that his mere year of doing so had all been so he could write a book about the whole experience! Not so sure it will pay as well, or that Hollywood will be calling to make a movie of it.

His promotional blurb does sound a tad pretentious:

"I had a unique, marketable mixture of mysteriousness, intelligence, and raw sexuality that propelled me to the forefront of the gay porn industry. Utilizing my body and personality, I made an art out of performing and struck a chord with an audience that spanned the world. This book is a journey through the joys and struggles that I endured during the past year of my X-Rated life. This book is a chemistry of illustrations, pictures, and confessions that unveil the battle between good and evil within the body of a so-called "sex god."

You can pre-order the book (for December delivery) here:

which is also where his website now redirects. Looks like he's doing this all on his own!

Earlier this week he gave his first post-retirement interview here:

But if you just want to enjoy the photoset, click below

Or perhaps a SFW 'behind the scenes' promo for a later shoot in "Men" magazine:

Monday, 9 November 2009

Fencing in Rex Park

As you might be aware, one of the perks of living where I am is the view out across Rex Park, pictured above in the spring (though not from my flat).

So I was curious then angry when the council suddenly erected a bog standard mesh fence around it for no apparent reason, compounded by apparently barricading in some of the other residents with an even cheaper material. The fence keeps nothing in or out - it can't anyway as it's a public asset - and was constructed with obvious errors like blocking off a path. Security-wise it's probably made two virtual 'dark alleys' that were not there before, one of which will obviously be an unofficial toilet stop.

I've made two slideshows below. The first was made back in February (actually just to test out the slideshow>movie feature in Picasa) showing the park as it was before the fence went up, though my shots just happen to focus on the views that are most changed.

The second is made from photos taken between mid June and the start of August as I tried to chronicle the mess being made. I've alerted this one via Facebook to my MP, Willie Rennie, though I don't know what can be done.

and this is what they did ...

Ironic I'm posting this on the day that marks the 20th anniversary of another pointless wall coming down.

Totty for the Single Man - Nicholas Hoult

Teenage actor Nicholas Hoult is getting further exposure for his stunning looks - here in a shoot for OUT magazine styled by fashionista Tom Ford, who also directed him in the film of the Christopher Isherwood novel, "A Single Man". Nick's character Kenny is a student admirer of the lead character played by Colin Firth.

Here's the wordless trailer, where Nick pops up briefly a few times:

And here are the cast and Tom Ford attending the film's award-winning debut at the Venice Film Festival last September. Looks like Mr Ford may have had a hand in kitting everyone out so stylishly.

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