Tuesday, 30 May 2006

Porn Star Peek (a filthy new feature!)

I've decided to give you all a bit more regular blast of male totty - full strength male totty at that. Shying away from putting porn imagery directly on the blog, I shall give a tester photo or two from a selected photoset and include a link to the rest of it. This is not some moneymaker for me, just sharing favourite free thumbnail galleries. Needless to say don't click if you're under 18 or likely to be offended. I'm only using solo photosets but however innocent the tester photos may look, the sets will be full frontal.

I've a couple of examples lined up already - suffice to say they probably exemplify either end of my fanciability threshold but both are hot stuff.

Watch out!

I want your body!

Unusually I noticed I hadn't posted anything specifically about my homoerotic photography escapades. Partly because I've had a very slack spell over recent months but now I'm in hard-sell recruiting mode, so can't ignore the ad potential my blog gives.

Basically lads, I want your body on camera. Preferably I want applicants who take it all off and demonstrably love to show off. Realistically though I know that puts people off if I say that's a must, but guys who are happy to appear nude (short of full-frontal) would probably be my minimum requirement in that context. A lot of my photosets are striptease and/or gear-fetishistic so there's still a lot that can be done.

More specifically I want fit lads from 18 to 40. This does not neccessarily mean six packs and bulging biceps, though that's fine too. Sportsmen are usually a good bet, plus they can bring their sexy gear along to peel from ;-) I'm pretty diverse in my tastes otherwise, as previous postings might suggest.

I'm here in Dunfermline most of the time, but the studio shots are done in Glasgow so central Scotland applicants are handiest to 'process'. However anyone visiting locally for T in the Park, the Edinburgh Festivals, Royal Highland Show or Knockhill events over the summer can also pop by to drop 'em. I can accomodate if necessary. Overseas visitors travelling via Rosyth from Zeebrugge also very welcome

Also you can be gay, straight or bi and any race - that's all irrelevant to what I do. Straight exhibitionists are usually the best performers in fact.

I can't pay at present but do keep up several contacts in London who do - generally in the hundreds (plural) per shoot, so if you are 'talent' it will pay off!

I'm also always looking for good locations (gyms, garages, building sites, offices, bars) and kit loan (uniforms, sports kit & workwear especially) if anyone's in a position to help there.

Finally to take a peek at my past portfolio (no adult shots though) check here . I'll probably post some links to the smut at a later date.

Reply to this post if interested, or email me direct - I'm cobalthq 'at' yahoo.co.uk

Friday, 26 May 2006

Andrew Hayden-Smith strips

Short, sweet and fondly remembered "Byker Grove" clip since I know many of you get here by searching on the actor's name ...

Thursday, 25 May 2006

The Puppini Sisters

Thanks to Sarah Kennedy this morning I've been introduced to this fab retro act who were inspired to form following the film "Belleville Rendezvous" (one of my own fave animations). Since 2004 they've played their brand of swing era covers such as "Panic", "Mr Sandman", "Wuthering Heights" and "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" in venues ranging from the National Theatre foyer to gay lap-dancing bars. Slightly reminded me of a "Rock Follies" episode too.

Click here for some sample tracks - album out in July. The Radio 2 exposure has already earned a huge response, so expect to hear further.

Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Doctor Who - "The Idiot's Lantern" gallery up

Just a small post to note that a small gallery is already up for next Saturday's 1950s set episode.
Click the post title to go there.

Doctor Who - Rise of the Cyberman/The Age of Steel

So here's my considered review of the 2-parter which ended on Saturday. It's still very definitely a 9 out of 10 for both - Tom MacRae is obviously more than a pretty face. Graeme Harper's direction was solid too, if not quite as outstanding as his 2 stints in the 80s. And the newly revamped Cybermen themselves were a very effective force, limited to close quarters electrocution but no longer allergic to gold it appears. Having the actors in the suits attend choreography lessons also paid off handsomely. Not sure about "delete" as a catch-phrase though - 'erase' would have been better. And I have to agree with many who have said Roger Lloyd-Pack was a little too arch as mad John Lumic - all he needed was a white cat to stroke. The rest of the guest cast was fine - Shaun Dingwall put in another heroic turn as Pete Tyler and managed to survive this time (unlike Jackie, who ended up a Cyberman), Don Warrington was a believable GB President before meeting an early electrocution and the delightful Andrew Hayden-Smith distanced himself from his chirpy CBBC image with real rage when 'boyfriend' Ricky is killed. Noel Clarke (as both Ricky and Mickey) had his finest hour as he bowed out of the series to stay on in the alternate earth. More TARDIS gooseberry or liberating Paris with Jake? - yup I know I'd have decided the same! David Tennant and Billie Piper had a slightly lower profile than usual as a result but looked fab in their waiting outfits. Camille Coduri as doomed alternate Jackie played it straight out of "Footballers Wives" with a rather more glam wardrobe than her usual tracksuit chic. This childless Jackie was also a less sympathetic character. One of the in-jokes was the Cyberman crashing Jackie's 40th birthday party, when of course it is in fact the metal dudes themselves who were born in 1966. The story most nodded toward though was 1968's "The Invasion" - Lumic being very like Tobias Vaughn in his keeness to augment himself, but also this world's owner of International Electromatics. Even St Paul's was superimposed into shot - the backdrop for an iconic cyber moment in that story. While "Rise of the Cybermen" spent much of the time introducing us to characters and motives, only unleashing the Cybermen properly at the climax, "The Age of Steel" really showed them off as spooky and powerful drones. The despatching of The President, Ricky, Jackie, Mrs Moore, Mr Crane as well as a host of party guests gave this one a heavy and unrelenting death toll which gave you the feeling that almost nobody might survive. Lumic's forced transformation into the Cyber-controller, the escape in the Zeppelin and the Doctor's final cruel solution to the crisis (giving the cybermen back their human emotions and sending them mad) really put this story among the classics. The scene where a wounded cyberman is eventually revealed to be a girl anxious about her forthcoming wedding and the Doctor basically mercy kills her was a real gut wrencher, as was Pete and Rose meeting Cyber-Jackie. The cybermen are due back for a rematch in 'our world' come July - do we have a John Lumic lurking? I can't wait!

Friday, 19 May 2006

Doctor Who - Will Thorp interview

Jumping ahead a couple of Episodes, the BBC Press Office site has an interview up with Will Thorp who guest-stars in the two-parter beginning on 3 June.

Again spoilerphobes should not click the link in the post title.

Big Brother 7 - first impressions

Nearly 12 hours of the 13 weeks gone already! It certainly looks like we're in for 'interesting times' this year, with the freak factor apparently turned up a notch - even the 'normal' housemates (with a couple of exceptions) seem to have sociopathic tendencies!

I'm certainly fed up with Shahbaz already - that view formed from the launch show alone, but staying up until 1am for the E4 feed just underlined it. My initial views of Pete and Lea mellowed on further viewing though. Either Pete calmed down or I just got used to the verbal and physical ticks - probably a bit of both - and began to find him attractive and engaging. Lea initially looked completely vain and plastic but has since shown a more warm, maternal aspect. Dawn just completely forgot her advertised persona and was bubbly and sociable whenever caught on camera - seems very pally with 'sexual terrorist' Richard so far. I think he might go far - even the lads seem cool when close to him and I was surprised that today's "Sun" seem to be backing him and beauty queen Imogen (if photo prominence is anything to go by) as the alpha male and female. Imogen appears to be fairly faultless so far, but may suffer later from the other girls as seems to be a definite BB habit. Sezar, Mikey and George are the most obvious male totty contenders but all conceal somewhat unattractive attitudes to some degree, likewise Grace, Nikki and Bonnie (or Bonno by her lips). Lastly we come to Lisa and Glyn. I'm afraid Lisa could also quickly get on my nerves - despite a friendly, earthy personality she is prone to catchphrases like 'mint' which grate very quickly. Lifeguard Glyn seems a bit lost and looks likely to be eaten up by one of the bigger fish - he already seemed 'marked' by wearing Shahbaz' jacket and disappearing off with him.

I'd have liked Shahbaz to be the first evicted on the 26th, but Big Brother's first twist (which I just missed) means he and Lisa appear to be immune. I predict it will be Bonnie who was obnoxious outside and quiet inside the house - a really suicidal combination for public votes. Of course it all depends on membership of this 'brotherhood'.

The house itself is a quite different layout this year - I'm glad the sitting room has been brought back in to the main house. It was too often used as the sulking/argueing venue last year. Doesn't actually LOOK smaller though, but perhaps that's all the glass and mirrors. The cameras in the bathroom will be fun as will the al fresco dining table.

Wednesday, 17 May 2006

Coming to Manchester

For anyone who may be interested I'm in Manchester from around 7pm on Friday (19th) to around 6pm on Monday (22nd). I'll be busy on Saturday but open to meet-up offers otherwise.

Cheers all!

Tuesday, 16 May 2006

Doctor Who - series 2 box set design etc

2Entertain have come to their senses and release this year's series in a conventional, shelf-friendly design rather than a flimsy Easter Egg box, though the cover is even less remarkable than last time. Click the post title to view via Outpost Gallifrey.

I missed "Blue Peter" yesterday and the report of Gethin Jones being trussed up as a Cyberman for the next episode, "The Age of Steel" (note 6.35 start time, thanks to Eurovision). Happily the BBC have got it online here - Gethin also briefly interviews David Tennant, Billie Piper and Andrew Hayden-Smith. As it features glimpses of the new episodes, spoilerphobes should beware!

Finally, though I'm giving last Saturday's episode "Rise of the Cybermen" a 9/10 score (I'll wager some people hated Tight Fit's "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" playing over a spooky sequence but I loved it) I'll be saving a full review until after the full 2-parter.

Here's a nice action pic from it in the meantime ...

Monday, 15 May 2006

Teen totty - Nicholas Hoult & Alex Pettyfer

This slightly links to my last entry (at least my excuse does). Basically "New Woman" magazine published their list of the world's 100 sexiest men at the start of the year. Alongside wild-card entries like David Cameron, Pete Doherty and Will Young I noticed they had two surprisingly young choices in Daniel Radcliffe and Richard Fleeshman, both 16 when the list appeared.

Anyway, in that vein, I'd say these two thesps also deserve attention now that they can also be lusted after legally. The first, Nicholas Hoult, is best known as the eponymous 'boy' of "About A Boy" (where he laboured under a pudding bowl haircut) but has lately been spotted in films such as "The Weatherman", "Wah-Wah" and "Kidulthood".

Secondly is Alex Pettyfer whom many may recall as the cherubic lead in last year's ITV stab at "Tom Brown's Schooldays" (which also graced the first "Radio Times" cover of 2005) but is due for greater stardom as Alex Rider in the film adaptation of "Stormbreaker". He's re-united there with TBS co-star Stephen Fry.

Sunday, 14 May 2006

Cosmopolitan - Celebrity Nudes 2006

Thanks to Stuart for the first of 2 heads-up which have inspired me to post.

First a nice man has put up scans of this year's "Cosmo" nudes (now happens every June issue I believe) and so I'm publishing them here for your delectation. IN order they are

Anthony Costa (ex-Blue and Eurovision failure)
Noel Clarke (he's in some programme on Saturday nights)
JK & Joel (Radio One DJs)
Danny Dyer (cockerney-type actorCraig Doyle (ex-"Holiday" frontman turned DJ) England Rugby 7s stars (quite serial streakers these lads)
Cris & Crawford (from C4's "Shipwrecked)
Ronan Keating (ex boybander now in decline)
Nick Moran (actor and director)
Mario Melchiot (Birmingham City footy player)
Patrick McGuinness (Paddy from "Phoenix Nights" etc)
Simon Burnett (won 2 golds and one silver in the Commonwealth Games swimming)
Jade Jones (another ex-boybander)
James Toseland (2004 World Superbike Champion)

Apart from the sportsmen I'm slightly underwhelmed by the shots but you can't please everyone ...

The Cult of the Ice Bear

I was rather distracted with a news item this week that brought the rather fetching 'extreme-swimmer' Lewis Gordon Pugh to my attention. I've included a small pic here to give the gist of the attraction and this online report relates his latest chilly endevour with Norwegian glacier water. Good to know we still breed such heroic eccentrics and that they are also hunky and handsome.

More pics at Mr Pugh's homepage.

Saturday, 13 May 2006

Doctor Who - catch up on reviews & previews

Hello again playmates! I voluntarily cut myself off from the net and computers on my week away, so now I must catch up on my duties.

First off I must cast my mind back 7 days to the last screened episode, "The Girl in the Fireplace". Sad to say I was disappointed and was close to giving my lowest mark of the second run so far. I'm relenting with an 8 out of 10 as I wasn't able to get a second viewing, which normally warms me to any episode.
Basically I found it incoherent and random, despite looking great and fine performances all round. It also seemed rather unoriginal - the idea of 'dumb hi-tech' was done much better last year by the same writer and the use of human parts to 'repair' the ship, though admirably gruesome has also been done before. While watching I was full of unanswered questions (I'm sure you can guess several) , to which I assumed an "It just is, OK" response. This concoction produced some fantastic scenes and set-pieces, notably the Doctor crashing through a huge mirror on horseback, but it appeared they came first and the plot was extrapolated later. It was definitely a showcase for David Tennant's Doctor (surely with an nod to his "Casanova") and of course allowed him to get acquainted with current real-life girlfriend Sophia Myles.

Anyway, I'm very much more looking forward to tonight's return of the Cybermen in 2006's first 2-parters it has so many hooks in me already. The BBC site has a gallery up, though I found it rather bland and there's no Andrew Hayden-Smith!

Thursday, 4 May 2006

Doctor Who - Cyberpics

BBC News have (somewhat prematurely) put up a wee gallery of Cybermen 'then and now' in advance of their return to TV on 13 May. Above is one of the new lot in gatecrash mode.

Scottish football totty (a double helping)

I appear to be letting the 'home' side down so here to make amends are are duo of 19 year old totty: Steven Naismith (Recently voted 'Young Player of the Year') of Kilmarnock and (very much my type) David McKenna, who currently turns out for Cowdenbeath.

Scan - James Murray

Sorry this is a bit late, but I know my mate Stuart will appreciate this scan of 31 year old actor James Murray, as seen in last Sunday's "Marple" on ITV. He's currently involved in filming their £6m 'family fantasy' "Primaeval", but his work has ranged from a 1998 stint on "Coronation Street", a voiceover on "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" and appearing at age 4 on "Shoestring"!.

Wednesday, 3 May 2006

Doctor Who - "The Girl in the Fireplace" gallery up

The BBC site has been updated with a gallery for episode 4 - broadcast at 7pm on Saturday. This one guest stars Sophia Myles as Madame Pompadour and is written by Steven Moffat.

Tuesday, 2 May 2006

Football totty - Frank Lampard

Thanks v much to "The Times" Saturday supplement and photographer Mark Harrison for these shots of Chelsea and England star Frank Lampard - the spread (which could have been lifted from "Men at Play") hinges on the revelation that privately-schooled Frank once dreamt of being a lawyer. Alas we don't get to see his briefs here either ...

Doctor Who - School Reunion (8/10)

Possibly one of the most keenly awaited episodes of new "Doctor Who" aired on Saturday night, uniting past and present characters in a sophisticated manner. For Sarah Jane Smith and K9 were back, 23 years after their last cameos alongside Peter Davison et al in "The Five Doctors". There were anxieties that the current format might do them an injustice, but all fears were misplaced by "School Reunion"

So why an 8 out of 10 from me? Basically because the reunion itself asserted itself as the A plot and ate up so much of the episode that the 'monster' B plot suffered a McCoy era incoherence on first viewing. A second viewing at the local group last night helped fill in some rushed dialogue I'd previously missed, but I felt elements like the vacuum packed dead rats and the Krillitane 'staff' hanging upside down in the headmaster's office, though nice touches, maybe should have been dropped in favour of some more overt explanation of the batlike shape-shifters physiology and grand plan. Thus guest-star Anthony Head, while matching a stern David Tennant in a swimming pool 'showdown' and getting some great villainous one-liners about 'early lunches' and 'shooty dog things' warranted a bit more screentime as the smooth to the point of greasy Headmaster, Mr Finch.

Something else that niggled occurred later to me - Mickey.

With Sarah-Jane, the Doctor and Rose all actively undercover at the school (as "Sunday Times" profiler, supply teacher and dinner-lady respectively) he was demoted once more to cowardly comic relief, despite the promise of his character turning around this season. Saddled with a rickety K9 like a postmodern Shaggy and Scooby, even Mickey realised he was 'the tin dog' for the Doctor and Rose. Obviously this ultimately leads him to decide to board the TARDIS properly at the end of the episode, though I believe it's about as brief a duty as Adam's last year. K9 too was somewhat underused until his heroic sacrifice at the climax, where he zaps the Krillitane oil and blows up the school.

But the central focus was on the triangular dynamic between the Doctor and the two female companions. Though Sarah was given a couple of bitchy lines, the team gallantly presented Rose's less pleasant side as her tenure by the Doctor's side was indirectly questioned. The much trailed scene where Rose and Sarah try and trump each other's monsters before realising their folly and collapsing into giggles at the Doctor's quirky habits was frothy but satisfying. And the pathos of their situations and that of the Doctor was also excellently played by the trio. Some fantastic moments - Sarah's blurting out "I thought you'd died" to this new Doctor and, importantly, his reply that "Everyone else died" - later picked up when he plaintively explains to Rose that he is forever alone, cursed to watch as his companions grow old and die. Most interestingly the Doctor actually hesitates when tempted by Headmaster/Head Krillitane Mr Finch (Anthony Head) to reverse these realities and restore Gallifrey - it's Sarah who rejects, reminding him that all things must come to an end and die. It's something her character has obviously learnt the hard way since the Doctor's abandonment - ironic for such a well-loved companion that Sarah was the only one he 'chucked' ... well until the aforementioned Adam. A nice touch to add the revelation that the drop-off point (as Sarah exclaimed in 1976) was not Croydon at all - it was Aberdeen!
And later Sarah again turns down the opportunity of boarding the TARDIS once more, preferring to let another Smith take up the offer. Instead she merely asks that the Doctor actually says goodbye this time which he does - giving her such a huge hug that he sweeps her off her feet and gushes "Goodbye my Sarah Jane Smith!". There were more than a few Kleenex moments around Britain at that point, for we knew we were bidding an underlined farewell to Sarah as well. And K9 had been dispatched too ... or had he? As the TARDIS dematerialised, in it's place Sarah found a shiny Mark IV awaiting his mistress. Then, magnificently, the duo walked off into the sunset ...

Monday, 1 May 2006

Apologies in advance

I'm afraid the blog will be a little less busy during early May, mainly because of my holiday away next week, but also by me being busy in the real world this week (I'm not on a Bank Holiday today for starters). Specifically my reviews of eps 3 to 5 of "Doctor Who"will be delayed somewhat.

Keep the faith - I feel midweek scans coming on already ...

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