Sunday, 29 March 2009

Sunday Joint - 29 March 2009 - ADULTS ONLY

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Late 90s beef-gods Mark Wolf and Billy Herrington go at it. This is more (wrestling) violence than sex but the trunks begin coming off at 9.18. Looks like they'd been given wedgies prior to the camera rolling.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Earth Hour

I've invested in these for 8.30 GMT tonight, when we area asked to switch off our lights for an hour. I'm frightened of matches but I did manage to get them going, now just concerned for the fire risk (I was permanently affected by Claudia burning down La Mirage in "Dynasty")

Wondering a bit about those places that are publicly supporting the idea of turning off their lights on a Saturday, why they couldn't think of switching off more regularly.

If you're west of GMT you still have time to do your bit.

3 x Blancmange

One of the forgotten acts of the 80s unfortunately. They were one of that decade's effete male duos (one on vocals, one on keyboards) that were probably inspired by Sparks (see also Soft Cell, Erasure and the Pet Shop Boys).

Here are three of their best.

I'm of the opinion that their cover of "The Day Before You Came" betters the original. If you are unaware of the original artist, then the video presented here gives you a good nod in that direction. If people fail to see the humour in their treatment, then I pity them. Besides, Neil Arthur is so sexy in this summer 1984 video.

If you want to hear the original, with a visual twist that I very much approve of, go here:

Sorry, this is an audio-only of "Blind Vision"

Their first hit, "Living On the Ceiling", performed on "Top of the Pops", where you will note the word 'bloody' has been censored for TV.

Eastenders trailer

Oooooooooooh. Looks like the long drawn out Danielle storyline is coming to an abrupt end on Friday.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Charlie Brooker's Newswipe - How NOT to report a tragedy

Charlie Brooker's first "Newswipe" programme on BBC4 last night was a little disappointing initially, as it rambled around its target from supposed point of complete ignorance.

However, this section is classic Charlie at his vitriolic best, even if the psychiatrist at the end gets the (depressing) punchlines.

Warning - this deals with reporting of the recent school shooting in Germany.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Camera Obscura - French Navy

Another track that seems to have escaped the YouTube cull ...

Jacqui Smith

F1 Totty - Jake Humphrey

Okay he's not a driver, he's a presenter, and one not long out of the CBBC cupboard (even though he's, unbelievably, 30) but Jake is to be the BBC's face of F1 when it returns to Auntie's grip at 5am GMT on Saturday with a Pavlovian burst of Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain".

There have apparently been a few voices of indignation at the BBC's choice, but I'd say it was fairly obvious this was to draw in the younger demographic.

Have to say though, even Jake won't get me watching what I personally find one of the most boring sports.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Meat to Please You - Chris Rockway - ADULTS ONLY

Find more videos like this on musclefighers

The epic Chris Rockway works out in a tent, but is fairly tenting his shorts from the start.

(EDIT - the source group for the above is 'undergoing maintenance' - hopefully temporary)

And here's an unrelated Chris photoset to enjoy too:

"Planet of the Dead" - a bit more Tritovore

This website has posted even more pics from the Easter special, including several of the Tritovore - I'm putting them last if you don't want to see.

I've picked out a few comments from their visitors:

"Well, it's a pretty convincing insect head but, yeah, I gotta agree how do this poor critter zip up it's jumpsuit or pull on boots with those claws?"

"So, basically just slightly less dapper versions of the husks from 'Ghostlight.'

I hate to say it, but this will be the second episode in a row where the new monsters have been... kind of lame.

You'd expect flappy cloth "robot monster" suits and tan coveralls from a Peter Davison episode, but not 2009. If you can't afford to give your monster a proper torso, then maybe you need to rethink your design a little."

"I also live how these aliens not only wear khaki jumpsuits, they wear off-the-rack motorcross pit crew jumpsuits covered in big plastic zippers with those stupid little 3" aglet zipper pulls that you find on every single ski-jacket manufactured in the last 15 years.

Yep. That's just sooooooooooooo alien looking, that is!"

And I have to say I agree, at least on the evidence of these pictures. I think I perceive a general problem with the series only being able to do 'industrial' as the look for the future, especially obvious with the reappearance of the red/orange spacesuit in two different stories (and apparently about to make it into a third). Hopefully the Moff will try for a bit more variety in inspiration, like the Gaudi vibe on "Brain of Morbius".

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Sunday Joint - 22 March 2009 - ADULTS ONLY

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Sunday Joint will be non-solos, and thus a 'joint' effort ;-)

Somehow some adult Ning groups are surviving. I'm starting this new weekly feature with one Ning find.

Here Kane O'Farrell and Anton Harri are, appropriately, dining. However, Kane is the serving plate ...


Saturday, 21 March 2009

DW "Planet of the Dead" - promo pics galore!

I alighted upon these on Combom's blog, though I dare say they are available other places too. Our first sight of Lee Evans as Malcolm - I'm not sure about the 'nutty professor' look of his character - as well as several so far anonymous passenger characters. One of the pics also has the new Tritovore monster in it, so don't scroll down if you don't want spoiling. It also appears the damage to the Dubai bus has indeed been written into the plot.

Only three weeks to go until it's on the telly, though I'm strangely underwhelmed at the moment.

Friday, 20 March 2009

"I Kissed a Boy" - Cobra Starship

Fairly obvious what this is sending up - rather cute too! Not the official video though.

(Obviously YouTube hasn't blocked all music videos to the UK)

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Retro Totty - Robert Wagner

I've never been a great follower of Robert Wagner, excepting his turn as Number Two in the "Austin Powers" series, but I was rather taken aback by the photo of him on his autobiographical book. Absolutely stunning.

Here's a useful, if not wholly positive, review of the book:

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Apprentice Totty ...? Series 5 boys

Today's press release does not identify the boys in order, but I'd say the one second in from the right has the most chance of arousing my interest ;-)

UPDATE: Thanks to Taylor Herring's blog, I now know him to be Rocky Andrews, sandwich shop magnate at 21 (this year's youngest candidate).

Full press pack for series 5 here.

Battle commences next Wednesday (25th) at 9pm on BBC One.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Meat to Please You - Deano

Yes, OK, I'm basically relaunching Porn Star Peek' under another name. As with any of this series, don't click through unless you're OK with adult material

First up is Deano from "EnglishLads".

A little more here:

A lot more available at EnglishLads itself.

UK Advertising Icons do something funny for money

Hadn't heard of this until I logged into YouTube this morning. Rather clever.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Swedish Strip Golf

Now you know I couldn't resist featuring this one ...

I was in two minds about terming Henrik totty, as I'm not really too familiar with him, but I have to say he scrubs up well and looks well upholstered in the right place!

Stenson explained:
'Because of the mud I couldn't really afford to play in any of my clothes as they would have been a real mess down the last six or so holes so I had no option,' Stenson said after his round.

'I was only wearing two things when I hit the shot, my jocks and my golf glove - that is the only thing that will appear in the picture aside from the golf club - just the way God created me.

'Shirt, trousers, socks, shoes, hat, the lot was off.'

Stenson certainly saw the funny side but also said his decision paid dividends.

'I just remembered I didn't have my rain gear so I didn't have any choice,' he said. 'I felt like I was definitely going to save a shot by actually playing the ball so that was the only decision I had to make.

'If you are saving a shot, that has to be worth taking your shirt and trousers.

'I'm sure I'll hear a few comments and once the pictures get out, I'll hear a few more no doubt. I'll probably take that to my grave with me.

'I don't think I scared too many spectators off the course, hopefully.'

Stenson also believes he might have opened up a new avenue for sponsorships following his impromptu strip.

'Absolutely, you never know, after this I might have a new endorsement with PlayGirl or something like that.'

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Peanuts/Watchmen mash-up

Sorry for just posting another spoof, but I think it's well cool.

I did go and see the film last night so will post more thoughts soon.

Attitude Cover Totty - Gethin Jones

"Twas a lovely start to the day when I found this, courtesy of "Hunk du Jour" (see right). The extreme hotness that is Gethin Jones (fresh from the "Strictly Come Dancing" tour) is the topless cover star of the new "Attitude". Now I just need to get my paws on the magazine ...

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

NI shootings - Steve Bell today

New K-9 design revealed

Note this is the model that will appear in the eponymous show for Channel 10 in Australia, rather than the one that returns to the "Sarah Jane Adventures" fold later this year.

From what I can discern it's a pretty good design evolution. Co-creator Bob Baker is involved in the production, so it must have a seal of approval.

Eve of the Blog Birthday poll!

As you may or may not know, tomorrow marks the third birthday of the blog. Though I judge I've had ups and downs, and successes and failures I hardly ever get feedback on what I'm doing, even though I know I get numerous visits, many of them regulars (winks @ followers ;-)).

Anyway, to make it easy I've attached one of Blogger's handy poll widgets to the right. It basically asks what you come to the blog for. I have an idea what will top the poll but I'd like to be surprised.

Poll closes on the last weekend of March. Click away!>>>>>>>>>>

"Today" programme 'costume & make-up' sketch

I don't even listen to BBC Radio 4's "Today" very often but this was truly LOL. Something to do with Comic Relief?

For those who are unaware this is a RADIO programme, and a very serious agenda-setting one at that ...

Thanks to Rory Cellan-Jones on Twitter.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Torchwood: Children of Earth promos

I know I'm a bit late to be posting the trailer (below) but apparently this is first sight of the promo poster from BBC America.

Looks like late June at the earliest for the dual broadcast on both sides of the Atlantic, as "The Apprentice" is due to start another 13 week run here on 25 March and TW:CoE needs all five weekday slots at 9pm.

The tagline "we are coming" seems particularly Torchwood ;-)

PS: Looks like we will also be getting three more "Torchwood" episodes on Radio 4 soonish, though no details are given:

Regards to stcoop!

Saturday Morning Watchmen

Sorry, I'm a bit late to get this at the right GMT.

Hoping to go and see the real film soon. Has had varied reviews - Jonathan Ross ecstatic while Mark Kermode less so. One wag I saw just said "like reading the comic over Zack Snyder's shoulder and forever waiting for him to turn the page" (which might be justified given the running time). Another comment following last night's late night screenings was "Watchmen has more uncut big blue cock than Sean Cody's entire porn collection!". I suspect that's partly because Mr Cody does have his central heating turned on to the max but hence the 18 certificate ;-)

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

3 x Comic Relief Covers

First up is the proper official video for Ruth Jones and Rob Brydon's "(Barry) Islands in the Stream', which runs to nearly 9 minutes, so is almost a mini-ep of "Gavin and Stacey"

Something I actually missed seeing live, here's comedian Robert Webb putting in an astonishing effort to win the first heat of "Let's Dance for Comic Relief". It's his spot-on interpretation of "Flashdance What a Feeling".

And just when it seemed that Mr Webb had walked off with the title, last weekend saw another fabulous win - this time only half in drag - as Paddy McGuinnes and Keith Lemon did "I've Had The Time of My Life", complete with an accomplished lift which head judge Anton du Beke gave special praise.

Incidentally I thought "Blue Peter" were robbed. If you saw it, you'll know what I mean.

Donate to Comic Relief via

Radio Times Comic Relief Cover Bonanza

"Radio Times" has went a bit mad for next week's "Comic Relief", with no less than 21 covers. I've included a few of the more interesting ones above. Bet my Dad will end up getting me the one with Carol Vorderman on it though ...

Interestingly, "Media Guardian" reports:

"Next week's issue of the Radio Times, which comes out today, will hit newsstands with 21 covers promoting Red Nose Day, tailored for different parts of the UK.

James Nesbitt, Ronan Keating and Graham Norton covers will be available in Northern Ireland, while Scottish newsstands will receive a selection of star covers including James McAvoy and David Tennant. In the north-west of England readers will be treated to covers featuring Lenny Henry and Gary Barlow."

Monday, 2 March 2009

First pic from second "Doctor Who" special

From today's "Sun". David Tennant and Lindsay Duncan filming in Newport with a robotic thingy to the left.

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