Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Matt Hughes in Action - ADULTS ONLY!

Sorry I've been away ill for a couple of days. Here's something to perk everyone up - Welsh boy wonder Matt Hughes indulges in some man-on-man action.
Dunno what the film is - can anyone tell me?

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Friday, 25 July 2008

3 x Don Black Lyrics

I was recently alerted by BBC Radio 2 that they have a high profile concert coming up to celebrate the 70th birthday this year of lyricist Don Black:

We are thrilled to announce an evening to celebrate Don and his work on Sunday 17th August at the London Palladium. 'BBC Radio 2 presents a special event to celebrate the work of egendary lyricist, Don Black'.

The star studded cast includes: Jonathan Ansell, Gary Barlow, Elkie Brooks, Craig David, Maria Friedman, Raza Jaffrey, Joe Longthorne, Lee Mead, Ryan Molloy (Jersey Boys) Mica Paris, Matt Rawle (Zorro), Marti Webb, Hayley Westenra and Michel LeGrand. Musical director ,Mike Dixon, conducts the seventy piece Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in a tribute that includes: 'Born Free', 'Thunderball', 'To Sir With Love', 'Diamonds Are Forever', 'On Days Like These', 'Ben', 'Sam', 'Love Changes Everything', and many more.

Plus, a special appearance by Don Black himself and a world premiere of songs from Don's new musical, written with Michel Le Grand, 'The Count Of Monte Cristo'...

Hosted by Michael Parkinson.
If you would like to join Don for what will be a fantastic evening, simply call the Palladium box office on 0844 4124 657.

I wasn't aware he was behind so many of my favourite tracks over the years, especially around the late 60s/early 70s. So here's my wee tribute by way of YouTube. From the top they are Matt Monro's theme to "The Italian Job", "On Days Like These" (this gets hammered on my iTunes), then Lulu's US No1 "To Sir With Love" and finally Michael Jackson in his pre-wacko days with "Ben".

I'm also reposting Lulu as YouTube appear to have dropped the video I posted some time back. And "Diamonds are Forever" would be there too, but all Dame Shirley's stuff seems to have the embed function denied.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Doctor Who: Season 4 finale flavoured DVD and DWM covers

The wham-bam season 4 finale has nudged the respective producers to tweak formats for the next releases of both the vanilla DVDs and the official Doctor Who Magazine (DWM).

The DVD has Davros and the Daleks taking centre stage with the Doctor relegated to the background along with his companion 'army'. DWM has decided to go with a set of four covers (a la "Radio Times") but gives each section of that 'army' the foreground (including both Doctors as a 'bookend' on the full image.

Hope the full image will be available as a poster.

The DVD is out in September, while DWM 398 - in all 4 options - is out this Thursday (24 July).

Mystic Totty - Colin Morgan again

The first image from the new BBC production of "Merlin" has just been released, showing Colin Morgan in the title role. I last featured him in June when he played emo-ish Jethro Cain in the Doctor Who story "Midnight".

Although he's 22, he looks about 12 in this pic!

The series is continuing to film in England, Wales and France and will be screened here from September (the third series of "Robin Hood" shifts to January).

More star names have also just been added. Hopefully it won't disappoint like the aforementioned outlaw.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Schoolboy Strip Show

This never happened when I was at school. Here the rugby team, performing a group strip for their peers. I think the school is called St Bede's in Cambridge.

Pretty good choreography going on, just a shame it seems to have been done with a mobile phone.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Hairy Ben Dodge on video - ADULTS ONLY

From his previous appearance here, I know this guy is popular. So enjoy him now as he 'relaxes' on video ...

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The Chicken Cottage

You either get this joke or you don't.This is an actual outlet situated between Edinburgh bus station and the so-called 'Pink Triangle'.

My gay polare is probably not up to date but I still think this is worth a point out.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal

Dedicated to PJ who introduced me properly to this folky acapella band from Seattle during a mega mutual download session ( I now that sounds rude but it isn't).

Narnia Totty - William Moseley

Went to the flicks last night (to see "Kung Fu Panda") but on the evidence of this I should have went to Narnia with William Moseley, who plays Peter Pevensie in the current film franchise (pre-production has begun on the third film, "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" - to be released in 2010.

21 year old part-time model William came to my attention when he popped up on "Breakfast" last month to promote the second film (still on release I think).

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

45 Years of Doctor Who

Another of BabelColour's genius compilations on YouTube. I posted an earlier version of this before but I believe YouTube pulled it. Anyway here's a bit of EVERY story from November 1963 to December 2008 ... and then some.

The backing track is a Who-influenced mix of "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" coupled with notable quotes, both profound and frivolous.


Thursday, 10 July 2008

Torchwood Slash Art

Thanks to the Just Beautiful Men Blog for alerting me this morning to the work of Theban, who has created 'slash art' for a variety of fantasy characters.

Jack and Ianto are the only two who are actually getting it on in their fictional universe - the homo-couplings from Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribean are unlikely to be acting these secenes out any time soon ...

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

One of the new batch - Andrew

Following my announcement earlier it seemed apt to give you a sample model from those I've recently recruited to the fold at Cobalt Studio.

First up is Andrew, from Canonmills in Edinburgh. This is from the brief run of test shots I managed last Friday evening, when my camera's batteries ran out. That's on top of the viewfinder still being on the blink, so be glad I managed anything!

Andrew has signed up for full-on shots. He's of Irish and Portugeuse lineage, but was suffering a bit from flu on the day so not looking at his best.

One of my past models 3

Stefan worked in the local mobile phone shop. I managed to get him a few hundred quid's worth of work in London shortly afterwards.

One of my past models 2

carlc22, originally uploaded by Graeme @ Cobalt Studio.

Carl was a 'proper' model who I contacted through Gaydar and was very enthusiastic. This was one of the first I did in Manchester, renting a swish apartment in Dale St for the day.

One of my past models 1

43140007.jpg, originally uploaded by Graeme @ Cobalt Studio.

Bumped into this young guy, Chris, in Glasgow Central Station. He bought the Rangers kit especially for the shoot, even unwrapping the various bits out of their packaging when he arrived at the studio.

A fresh start for my model photography ...?

Here's something I'm definitely going to need some of my regular readers to help out on, but there's something in it for you.

I've been on a recruiting push for male models of late and had a fair bit of take-up for once. I should have about half a dozen lads ready to go before the camera in the next few weeks or so. And several are willing to go "all the way" ;-)

Maybe it's the credit crunch making guys try to cover all their options?

This time I've thought up a basic business model to support the photography progressing. I've no idea yet whether it's viable either.

Mention of finances brings me to where you might come in.Basically I shall be selling zipped photosets direct to whoever fancies having them (probably using PayPal). My initial thoughts on pricing the sets are based on a cost per shot, depending how revealing or explicit it is. Hence I'd be looking at 10p per clothed shot (down to underwear though); 20p per barearsed and/or full frontal shot and 50p for visible erection, cumshot and/or arsehole shots.

As an example a 40 pic clothed set would be £4, while a 50 pic set that's two-thirds made up of 'beyond the pants' is £11. I've also made a standby costing for video, but that's for the future.

I've also adopted the sliding scale to better fit what the model does, while not ruling anything unreasonable in. This introduces the possibility of a model earning something from the shoot, even if they don't drop their pants. It simultaneously gives a slight incentive to do so.

So I need you to tell me whether you'd be interested in buying sets on that basis, or whether I need to tweak my ideas. I'm already in two minds about the 50p pricing as it would make a heavily nude/explicit set prohibitive. Nothing's going to be set up until the end of summer anyway, and in the meantime the new models will be previewed here and on my Flickr pages. As they are previewed, I hope you register your interest in seeing more of that model, either by commenting on the post as usual or (for the more discreet) by emailing me. So that you can do so right away I'll reveal my email address is cobaltmale 'AT' (the @ is spelt out for technical reasons, but obviously you use @ not 'AT')

Ultimately the models of Cobalt Studios will be on a dedicated blog I set up some time ago (to wait until the time was right).

To remind you of my past work, check out those Flickr pages at this address:

For several reasons these sets are not for sale anymore so don't ask.

The nest three posts (above) will be posted from Flickr, featuring three of my most poular models - all of whom dropped their pants incedentally.

Just to make it interesting, the first ten people to reply by email (you can comment here as well) will get their first set free of charge, should they wish it.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

The Lads of Sting Pictures - Six of the Best

Here's A British fetish producer I've not yet featured - Sting Pictures. As the name and the pictures here might give you a clue, they specialise in male/male CP erotica. I've picked just six of their fine models, all of whom succumb to a reddened arse. Missing include David, who probably has the best bum of their model pool, and Jay who has lately went beyond the call of duty (I'd say) by being spanked with a bunch of nettles!

So don't go there if you're squeamish - the punishments are not faked, with the models paid a premium to endure the pain and indignity (I hope Jay got a particularly fat fee for the nettle incedent).

I also recommend the Google Group:

Friday, 4 July 2008

New Blog Template

Bear with me folks - as a result of the last post I realised I needed a wider template. Sadly, a lot of the ordering is effed up, and I'm not too enthused over the look of it but Blogger doesn't give you a great choice.

I shall do further work on tweaking things and hope to be nearer normal by early next week.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Folk Totty (again) - Seth Lakeman

No apologies for nominating him again. This singer with porn star boyish good looks has a new album out.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Goodbye Gethin

Thanks to Age Appropriate for this scan from Heat magazine which marks Gethin Jones' last day on "Blue Peter", where he is now senior presenter having began in April 2005.

Kleenex at the ready for "Gethin's best bits" - BBC Two at 5pm today or CBBC at 8.30am tomorrow.

William Shatner/Ben Folds - That's Me Trying

Heard this on Jonathan Ross' radio show at the weekend. A bit of an oddity, co-written by Nick Hornby, but grown on me quickly.

Give it a go.

The video is a computer modelled non-professional effort, but still not bad.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Another Doctor Who Cover for Radio Times"

Heralding the series 4 finale on Saturday night, Davros appears on the cover of the new "Radio Times".

Here's the best I've found of an episode 13 preview, since we didn't get a 'next week' last time.

Looks like Davros has lost it big time here:

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