Friday, 27 February 2009

A Triple YouTube - Challenge Charlie

Caught this young man rather randomly on ye olde YouTube. He's inviting people to come up with 25 challenges for him. Here are three that appealled to me:

The latter 'purple' challenge is only the 5th so he needs 20 more.

Tweet a request @

He also does a live webcam show (!) at 8pm on Saturdays:

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Return of the MacBook


Well I did warn you I'd be away, and so it came to pass. I've now got a wee backlog of post ideas to ping on here, but I'm starting with a right up to date set of photos taken this very morning (circa 8.30am) in some February sun just outside my flat.
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Friday, 6 February 2009

Matt Smith's first DWM Cover

"Doctor Who Magazine" has just held back from the inevitable "Matt Smith IS The Doctor" strapline for his first cover appearance in issue 405, which hit the streets this week. I expect their now traditional sentence will be used when he first appears in costume/character, which I expect will be August.

Matt gives his first post-announcement magazine interview inside, which has been widely quoted in the media.

It also breaks the news that, as from the first of the 2009 specials ("Planet of the Dead" due at Easter) "Doctor Who" will be made and broadcast in HD. "Torchwood" has been in HD since it arrived back in 2006, but the parent programme has shied away until now for budgetary reasons i.e the TARDIS interior set will probably have to be rebuilt.

Another DWM revelation is that K9 is 'properly' returning to "The Sarah Jane Adventures" for six episodes in the forthcoming third series.

PS - For those still wanting to size up Matt Smith's acting talents he is currently one of the leads in "Moses Jones" on BBC Two at 9pm on Monday nights. Additionally, for those with access to BBC Four, "Party Animals" (which is excellent anyway) is being repeated from next Thursday night. I'd definitely recommend you watch that if you didn't catch it first time, though it's also out on DVD.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Radio Times Covers Party 2009

Slightly later than usual we had the RT Covers Party recently (I suspect a cheat to get Keifer Sutherland there, who didn't appear on the cover until 2009!). 

Anyway my first chosen pic has adapter-extraordinaire Andrew Davies (most recently for "Little Dorrit" and currently working on "The Pallisers"), "Lost in Austen" heroine Jemima Rooper and, of course, departing "Doctor Who", David Tennant
Next, the handsome couple fronting "Merlin", Bradley James and Colin Morgan". There was another cute pic in the magazine, but annoyingly the website does not match (Just how I missed the Freema Agyeman/Sean Lamont pic last year).
This is Robert Glenister with Gene Hunt's anachronistic sparring partners, Keeley Hawes and John Simm.
The magnificent Mr Stephen Fry brandishes his framed cover.
Colin Morgan and Jemima Rooper do some networking.

Ceremomy hosts Rob Brydon and (RT editor) Gill Hudson with four from the "Doctor Who" season four launch cover, namely Fennella Woolgar, Tim McInnerny, Peter Capaldi and that David Tennant again.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Major Disaster

Those of you who know me on Facebook will already be aware I had a major disaster yesterday - my MacBook appears to have died as of yesterday morning. I've been advised it's the hard disk that's failed (apparently there was a bad batch with the 2007 model).

Really bad thing is a lot of the stuff on there is not backed up (including all my iTunes library) though it IS still just under the year's warranty and I'll be getting it seen to by the Apple store at the weekend.

I'm pretty sure that this isn't fixable (it had been making funny scraping and ticking noises for a few days) but wish me luck!

Anyhow, again expect a little lull in activity in all areas you might expect to see me, including here.

A little more info on this DigitalSpy thread:

(And the image above is the most I can get)

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