Thursday, 31 December 2009

More Dieux du Stade Hotness!

I seem to have piqued an interest after posting the brothers Evans from the 2010 calendar. Above are three more of the featured Brits, and below is a fabulous summary video covering the making of. The full DVD is available but like the calendar is NOT cheap and is complete with dangly bits!

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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Edinburgh Rugby 2010 Calendar - a bit of context

In researching the previous post I came across this piece from the team website:

On the one hand it reveals that this project was quite a last minute thing, so kudos to the team for basically getting it all done in just a matter of weeks. However it also reveals that that the inspiration back on October 10th was a match with Stade Francais, who gifted them copies of their infamous calendar. So they DO know how it should be done, but still didn't replicate it. Of course the Stade people don't bother with themes and there's no colour and few clothes either, but only three of the 12 shots really make the grade for a professional team at Edinburgh's level. I suspect there may have been a bit of local rivalry when they discovered that two of the Glasgow Warriors Rugby team (Max and Thom Evans) got their bits in the 2010 DDS calendar (below)

Anyway, had it been me doing the Edinburgh calendar, I'd have had no more than two guys per month, but been a bit more revealing in the shots. For rugby players the shots were surprisingly coy. It might have been:

JANUARY - Mike and David Blair - in contrasting longjohns celebrating with a popping champagne bottle
FEBRUARY - Scott Newlands - reclining naked on a luxury bed with a scattering of chocolates covering his bits
MARCH - Chris Paterson - in wet white pants and t-shirt (ripping open the latter)
APRIL - Ross Ford - tooled up like a handyman in tight denim cut-offs, socks and boots
MAY - Jim Hamilton - all greased up under a car bonnet with dropped overalls and 'distressed' underwear
JUNE - Phil Godman - in cycling lycra on a bike
JULY - Tim Visser and Andrew Easson - playing with supersoaker pistols in their speedoes
AUGUST - Sean Crombie - unzipping biker leathers
SEPTEMBER - Simon Webster - grappling open a dress shirt and bowtie plus black socks and white pants
OCTOBER - John Houston and Roddy Grant - mud wrestling in jockstraps
NOVEMBER - Ross Rennie - kneeling topless in a kilt
DECEMBER - Nick De Luca - in red silk boxers with a white fur trim and a santa hat

And that makes 15 guys appearing which is the size of a rugby squad surely?

What do you think? Should I get the gig for the 2011 calendar?

Rugby Totty Special "the Edinburgh Rugby 2010 calendar

You might recall that the other day I said that this was one of the three calendars I was given for Christmas. On seeing the cover (above) I gasped with delight and was eager to see what wonders of beefcake were inside, especially knowing there is some real talent on the squad ...

I think it was January that made my mind up immediately upon opening it. Someone who doesn't fancy men (and has no concept of 'styling' beyond getting a basic theme) has put this together.

There's just so many things wrong with this shot - the cruellest being that Allan Jacobsen (leftmost) just isn't mainstream pin-up material except to those who really like their bears (his expression seems to agree). Then we come to Greg Laidlaw, not only does the toolbelt over the pants thing cancel itself out, but he's been put between two really big guys and so looks scrawny in comparison. Geoff Cross is a passably mainstream bear-type, but WTF is a doctor doing here? Is it an on-site medical?

Now February isn't so bad, but there's the first appearance of the pointless box-out - not for the last time relegating someone who deserves to be in the main picture (in this case I'd swap Simon Cross on he left for Andrew Easson). John Houston, on the right, could have carried the whole page himself though! Good location effort though.

In March they forget that the emphasis in these calendars should be on the guys - here the table tennis table and the walls take up most of the shot. Mark Robertson and Roddy Grant have kindly stripped to their pants but needn't have bothered as they're not close enough for inspection. And if foregrounded David and Mike Blair had bothered, well it is completely wasted - one of them hasn't even got their face in it!

This one's just unsexy - the only pair of pants we can see this time are Craig Hamilton's. Are the others in their pants or meant to be wearing trousers or nothing? On the left Scott Newlands is actually out of focus and looks podgy. The sunglasses on Andrew Kelly and Alan MacDonald just give them anonymity rather than mystique. And, of course, thee missed the obvious opportunity of a 'strip poker' scenario (which this isn't).

May is just lacking in effort - the only theme I see here is "tea-break" and that might even have been what it was. Being cruel again Davie Young on the right doesn't quite make the grade and the hat just makes him stand out more. Kyle Traynor and Sean Crombie are fine, but ought to have been better used.

Now June's main shot of David Callum is fine and would have sufficed - they even resisted the temptation to have him in his pants, which would be unnecessary and a bit naff. However the box-out presents us with what I consider the cardinal sin of this calendar by relegating the magnificent hunk of man that is Simon Webster (third from left) to a bit part. He doesn't appear anywhere else either! I'd have liked more of the other two in the box-out (Ross Samson and Andrew Turnbull) too but that's your lot of them as well.

The 'hey, we're in a band' theme is a bit desperate and 'guitarists' Ryan Grant and Steve Jones are again a wee bit out of focus. 'Drummer' Jim Hamilton steals the show her, despite being hidden behind his kit. He even has the Maggie's charity tattooed across his chest. Scott Macleod's hair doesn't quite fit with a rock band (or for a rugby player come to think of it).

All of a sudden though we have three months where they basically get it right. August has even been styled in blue light - dunno why but it looks good as do Nick De Luca and Ross Rennie.

September is 'all-stars' I'd say with three Scotland players featured on the golf course - Phil Godman, Allister Hogg ad Chris Paterson . This one has just the right balance of humour and bare flesh (and exposed pantage - thanks Phil!) for the subject.

This one's my favourite - the only thing I might point out is the shot of buildings in the background which slightly spoils the rural air of the shot. I'm also not sure if there's a significance in that the guy with the biggest dog has the most clothes off. Anyway, the dog-walking beauties here are Ross Ford, Tim Visser and Ben Cairns.

This one is June all over again - a main shot (Fraser McKenzie) that would have sufficed spoiled by an overly comic box-out in the bath. With Fraser are Steve Turnbull (leftmost) and (in the 'hilarious' sporran) Jim Thompson.

Just a basic 'too many cooks' error this one - I think four or five guys would do, not seven. Those seven are Mark Robertson, Andrew Easson, Scott Newlands (proving how badly represented he was in March), Tim Visser, Steve Turnbull, Roddy Grant and Jim "Sporran-Boy" Thompson. Notably, all are reappearances in the calendar.

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Saturday, 26 December 2009

Those Christmas Presents in full ...

I actually found doing this last year was quite useful for me, so here goes again. One incoming present will not be given to me until tonight (from my mate PJ who's getting the 'Outnumbered' DVD from me) but otherwise it's complete.

Firstly my outgoing gifts:

For reasons which become apparent, I must seperate my incoming into three categories.

First the slightly boring and unavoidable ones:

Then come 'the three calendars' (one more than I can really use) - I'll be making a special post about the Edinburgh Rugby one (which was from my boss so will go up in the office):

Now there's a story behind the last category. This year my Dad decided he'd get me a classic "Doctor Who" DVD (dunno why it hadn't occurred before now) but wanted a shortlist to choose from so that he didn't get me one I had already, and from my point of view, so that he didn't get me "Timelash". So I scribbled down a shortlist after consulting with Amazon to remind myself what was out and how much they cost. Once I ran out of envelope I thought that was enough to choose a couple from. Here's that shortlist I drew up in late November:

and here's what turned up on Christmas Day:

I think you can see the striking similarity! Apparently the wider family got hold of the list (fair enough) and decided to challenge themselves to get everything on it! Now this is 20 stories, so even at Amazon prices that's around £120 worth! I feel slightly guilty, though that wasn't my intention when drawing up the shortlist - in fact I added a few non-Doctor Who suggestions on the back but they were ignored.

Somewhat ironically, on the day itself I managed to miss "The End of Time" part one by incorrectly thinking it was on at the usual 7pm slot. Worse still I turned on for the last 5 minutes!

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Friday, 25 December 2009

Have Yourself a Hunky Christmas!

James Ellis and Carlo Masi - especially intended for those of my readers who thought a Bel Ami boy wasn't as built or as festive as they'd have liked.

Enjoy the day (even if you're avoiding it!)

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