Sunday, 30 November 2008

Time for another Doctor Who Radio Times Cover

A week earlier than has been usual in recent years, this is the one which appeared yesterday as the first of the 'early release' issues ahead of the 2-week festive issue (out on 6 December).

Its obviously a composite of half a dozen photos but impressive none the less!

Inside there's a set report featuring interviews with the two Doctors/Davids. Whoniverse bonus is a feature on the return of the Brigadier in "The Sarah Jane Adventures" finale story.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Hot Brazilian Mechanic - ADULTS ONLY!

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Check those carefully trashed briefs! Luvverly!

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Children in Need Picks of 2008

Surprise pick of the night (both for being part of the BBC Scotland opt-out and for being SNP related) was our First Minister Alex Salmond recreating the Rev I M Jolly in this excellently delivered monologue. Not as good as the late Rikki Fulton original, but who is ever going to be. A missed vocation for Alex?

The Walford mob gave it their all for this tribute to the West End musicals. Patsy Palmer, John Partridge and Laurie Brett are particularly good. Several of the cast were also answering phones on the night at the BT Tower

The "Doctor Who" insert seemed to disappoint many people, who apparently expected something standalone, but this was as promised - literally the pre-credit sequence for next month's Christmas Day Special, "The Next Doctor". As such it did what it said on the tin. Strangely though, they gave away more clips on the Six O'Clock News!

It's never too late to donate ...

Thursday, 6 November 2008

2 favourite current tracks

Tom Jones "If He Should Ever Leave You" (Includes live performance on "Canadian Idol")

Alesha Dixon "The Boy Does Nothing" (performance with the professional dancers from "Strictly Come Dancing" last month)

No comment necessary

(Seal: "A Change Is Gonna Come")

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