Friday, 30 July 2010

Inception's Bi? Totty - Tom Hardy picture special

Yesterday's press here went slightly ballistic about Inception actor Tom Hardy's 'confession' that he'd had gay sex in his youth. I'm pretty sure this is old news that was in his Attitude interview in late 2008 (issue 173), but it gives me an excuse to cram a lot of pretty Tom shots into one post.

Can you forgive me?

Tom with Inception co-stars at the premiere earlier this month

Tom looking horny in both senses

As Heathcliffe in ITV's "Wuthering Heights" with co-star (and current squeeze) Charlotte Riley

Unusually bewigged in Marie Antoinette

Another period role in "The Virgin Queen" as Dudley

a memorable Bill Sikes

A couple of hunky on location shots (not sure what for)

A lovely couple of monochrome portraits

Tom as mixed martial arts fighter in the upcoming "Warrior"

In last years "The Take"

looking magnificently moody

Three shots related to his breakthrough role in "Star Trek: Nemesis"

Another WW2 role in "Colditz" requiring completely neccessary nudity (with Laurence Fox)

Promoting and starring in "Bronson"

With co-star Benedict Cumberbatch in "Stuart A Life Backwards"

Scrubbing up well in two publicity shots and as Eames in Inception

Being interviewed about Inception with Cillian Murphy

the casual look

Interviewed in June by Jonathan Ross

Who's a pretty boy then? Kiss me Hardy!



i don't get why people should fuss over this, but then...



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