Friday, 18 April 2008

Content Removal

Dear all - I've had to remove the Kristen Bjorn material from the blog due to receiving this message on Facebook:

"I couldnt find contact information on your blog except for this Facebook link.I work for Kristen Bjorn.

Please remove this from your blog before it gets submitted to Google for copyright infridgement case.

If you have uploaded it to megarotic, please remove it as well.

You can get registered at to become an affiliate and promote our website and get commissions.Let me know if you need any promotional info.

Yours, Nick Russo at"

Hope you all understand.

Monday, 14 April 2008

Edinburgh in April pix ...

These were taken last Friday when I was at the castle for work. I'm rather pleased with the results

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Doctor Who: The Fires of Pompeii preview

Not too keen on the new-look BBC website that debuted last week, but here's a tip to go on over and watch a preview clip from the next episode (reputed to be much the better of the first two).

If you don't want to see the monster in action, don't go.

Meanwhile, Donna is pictured above in her Roman gear, as opposed to the modern outfit we've already seen on location in Rome.

Glad to see she is getting an early intro to that winning "Doctor Who" scenario - the companion being sacrificed on a slab!

And here's the HQ YouTube version:

Eminem v The TARDIS

Hadn't had a Babel creation here for a while. This one is played for laughs - but watch how many of the lyrics match the action ...

Triple Cricket Totty

Thanks to Digital Spy's Gay Spy (and Cosmo of course) for this:

Yes that's James Anderson, Stuart Broad and Alastair Cook gleefully getting naked for Cosmopolotan magazine. It's that time of the year again thank goodness!

Here's the DS blurb (love the 'sticky wicket' headline) ...

"As the impressive wood between their legs suggests, this lot are members of the England cricket team.

Allow us to introduce, from left to right, James Anderson, Stuart Broad and Alastair Cook. These lovely boys-with-bats posed for the May edition of Cosmo to raise awareness for the Everyman Campaign, the UK's leading male cancer campaign. Nice work, lads!

By the way, if you're wondering how their skin got so peachy-smooth, or thinking, 'Ooh, those boys look uncommonly fragrant', you might like to know that BOSS Fragrances and Skincare are the official sponsors of the England Cricket Team.

Looking at this picture, we've realised it's a real shame that cricketers don't swap shirts at the end of a test match - you know, the way footballers do. Maybe this is something James, Stuart and Alastair can work on in time for summer?"

And the behind-the-scenes video which Sky Sports kindly filmed in February:

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

BBC4 Medieval Season Promo

Yes, OK, I'm having a YouTube splurge. It's just I've found quite a few nice things there lately.

Here's another - the promo for BBC4's impending Medieval Season using some animation and a very strange version of "Purple Haze" in a contemporary stylee.

Anyone know the artist? I'd guess at Ed Alleyne Johnson but not sure ...

Walford Gingers

Forgive me for this as I know the promotional video I'm about to post has divided opinion as much as Catherine Tate on "Doctor Who", but I thought it was fun.

Yes, Bianca (Patsy Palmer) and brood have landed back in Albert Square this week following tangential appearances last week. In doing so the Ginger contingent has found its homecoming Queen. She joins Bradley, Max and this bit of stuff (who also pops up in the promo) ...

Yup, watch out for Rob Kazinsky's strip as Sean Slater beds Roxy in the very near future.

Triple Duffy

Like Mika last year, Duffy became my fave new artist on first hearing. I'm a bit late to post "Mercy", though still not tired of hearing it.

Here are a few other choice tracks. Duffy's voice eminds me a bit of an 80s singer called Carmel, whose biggest hit was "Bad Day".

The video for the title song from the current album, "Rockferry"

"Warwick Avenue", allegedly the next single, performed on "Later' last year

Lastly, a couple of covers from the 2007 into 2008 Hootenanny show.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

The Bumper Doctor Who Season 4 Post!

It's that time of year again, as we fans count the very few days left until "Doctor Who" begins a new series. And once again, the "Radio Times" has pulled out all the stops with 4 different covers (I have the Ood one) and 10 pages of features, including the official reveal of the jelly-bean cute Adipose (photographed hailing a taxi!) who are the 'monster' in the opening episode on Saturday.

RT also gives away all bar one episode title for series 4 - episode 12 is left a mystery and will probably stay that way officially until June.

Here are the rest:

4.1 Partners in Crime
4.2 The Fires of Pompeii
4.3 Planet of the Ood
4.4 The Sontaran Stratagem (1 of 2)
4.5 The Poison Sky (2 of 2)
4.6 The Doctor's Daughter
4.7 The Unicorn & The Wasp
4.8 Silence in the Library (1 of 2)
4.9 River's Run (2 of 2)
4.10 Midnight
4.11 Turn Left
4.12 (TBA) (1 of 2)
4.13 Journey's End (2 of2)

Rather ominous last title but then most finales are.

And while we await transmission , the DVD cover for the first batch of new episodes has been released (above). In the shops on 2 June.

Finally, a magazine that will probably reveal even more about season 4 is out this Thursday (3 April) - Doctor Who Magazine, issue 394.

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