Monday, 28 June 2010

Matt Smith & Orbital at Glastonbury 2010

A lovely surprise at Cube Henge yesterday was Matt Smith appearing with Orbital as they performed their version of the "Doctor Who" theme tune.

Magic moment!

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Doctor Who - 2010 series thoughts & beyond

I'd promised myself I'd return to a bit of a review at the close of the current series, having kept quiet since "The Eleventh Hour" back in April, so here I am.

That first episode turned out to be one of the best of the run, but there have been few duds in my opinion. I rather liked the Silurian two-parter, which appears to have been an acquired taste for many. And I was on the side of Richard Curtis'"Vincent and the Doctor" which people appear to have really loved or really loathed (loathed the lazy title though - should have been something like "Starry Starry Night"). And James Corden in "The Lodger" did a Catherine Tate and won us all over.

However I do have some reservations. If I had to pick 'worst episode' then that has to be "Victory of the Daleks" which was a mixture of WW2-fetish indulgence and the most blatant example of merchandise opportunity trumping plot acceptance I've seen since the Quarks. Even then, all the business with the jammie dodger bluff and Bracewell not accepting he wasn't a real human (foreshadowing Auton-Rory in the finale) mean I can't hate it.

(My second 'worst' episode is "The Vampires of Venice")

Equally, when the lurid Daleks reappeared in the penultimate episode, at the head of a fanwanky alliance of all the Whoniverse's handiest monster props, the line-up includes races who really aren't enemies of the Doctor (the Judoon) or just shouldn't be there in 102 AD (Silurians, Weevils). Apparently it's because the Daleks are the senior partner and they have time-travel (presumably where they were headed at the end of VotD). This aside though, "The Pandorica Opens" just edges it as my favourite episode. Moffat otherwise shows us 'less is more' if you do it properly. Here, a severed Cyberman head and arm prove very dangerous quite independently and it's just one particular Auton that does for Amy at point blank range because it is Auton-Rory. Even in the following episode, much of the peril comes from a crusty lone Dalek that has, like Auton-Rory, survived into 1996 AD.

One of the real developments this season has been River Song, a character we saw die on TV two years ago. Though only appearing in four episodes, they were possibly four of the five key episodes and each appearance ratcheted up how fascinating and mysterious a character she was. So fascinating that, like Captain Jack, she can't really be a regular (though a River & Jack spin-off must be tempting). It's very Moff-like that she basically represents the embodiment of 'spoilers', having encountered the Doctor's life in the wrong order - both for him and for us as viewers. This series though, a dark murderous side was hinted at too but left unexplained. I expect to see River in 2011, possibly even as the 'big bad' of the story arc. She's also been supremely camp this time round (witness the 1940s femme fatale entrance, the hallucinogenic lipstick and the turn as Cleopatra), which is always good.

There is actually a bit of an old-fashioned romantic vibe about the series, something not really seen since the Letts and Hinchcliffe eras of the 1970s. This time it owes a fair bit to the mid 20th century mixes of strong professional women, screwball comedy and unlikely romantic heroes. Although Moffat has failed to nail the 'identify with minor character' magic that RTD was a master at, he has re-focussed the humanity into a soppy old romantic plot, so no shock that Richard Curtis fitted in so well. The 2010 series counterpoints the central Amy/Rory romance in a world of internet porn, strippers and casual sex - all of which were acknowledged within the first six episodes. Of course this context only makes the eventual triumph of the relationship even more classically romantic.This also contrasts with the alternately comic-strip/soap-opera critique often applied to the RTD era.

And the future is bright, if a little uncertain.

Last night we ended with not only Amy being married to Rory, but both of them opting to travel further in the TARDIS with the Doctor (so keen that all three are still in their wedding outfits - see above). Thus we have the first married companions, who must at least last into the Christmas special.

Something that wasn't entirely clear was the nature of Rory, because although Auton-Rory now never existed, real-Rory appears to have the 1894 years of memories and experiences as 'the lone centurion' because of the way Amy restored the universe to rights. This makes him older than the Doctor for starters, but sets up fantastic character potential.

Then there's the matter of the Christmas special, which is now less than six months away from broadcast and 15 days away from starting filming. It would appear we are being primed to expect an adventure with 'an Egyptian goddess loose on the Orient Express ... in space', but are we? Unusually, no title was proffered in the closing titles. I'm hoping we get that, even if it was just a Moff in-joke (Orient Express/Titanic anyone?) as I think they're all dressed for the occasion and it just may be that Christmas starts off a new Egyptian story arc (apparently Steven has said the next series climax is in Egypt) and that we might expect some overseas location filming again.

Anyway, I'll be happy with whatever on the strength of the last 13 weeks.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Big Brother 11 - First Impressions

OK, so a quick word (if I can summon any up) about the 14 housemates who entered the house last night, in order of appearance.

Josie - seems fine to me, as long as she doesn't overplay the 'dizzy blonde bumpkin' angle which is such a BB cliche (though it worked for last year's winner). So far she hasn't. I'd imagine she's quite high in betting odds, having had a rare good reception from the Elstree crowd.

Steve - another good reception, but possibly on shallow reasons owing to him having both legs blown off by an IRA bomb while he was a soldier. Not seen much of the character yet, but likely to be a good guy with a good attitude.

Ben - probably going against the majority view here but Ben looks to me to be one to watch. He's outwardly an unsympathetic lanky posh bloke with a bouffant, but I think there's something else going on there. We'll see.

Rachael - struggling to say very much about the Beyonce lookalike. Not a good sign.

Nathan - this year's 'bloke's bloke', complete with six and a half inches of monobrow. Might be a one trick pony - need to see more from him before I can judge.

Dave - there were two housemates last night I wanted rid of as soon as they appeared - Dave, the mad monk, is the first. Fake and naff in equal quantities, he's like an 80s Radio One Roadshow DJ who's got religion. The forced jollity will surely not last.

Caiomhe - apparently pronounced 'Keeva'. Looks interesting and open. Another who might go far if she's careful not to make rivals.

Govan - bi black boy who really could go either way with me. Another it's too early to tell on.

"Shabby" - by name and by nature, this was the second one I took an instant dislike to. Looks like a cross between Noel Fielding and Jimmy Krankie and is desperately channeling BB7 Pete to look zany and original. Horrid child.

Ife - seems pleasant enough, but probably doing this to further her music career, so the heart may not be in it.

John James - Australian who apparently came over specially to audition for BB11 (has theirs finished?). Seems purely eye-candy at the moment - looked a bit moody and uncomfortable once in the house.

"Sunshine" - another one who I could take to or take against - there's elements of both in there. Seems intellegent though.

Corin - 'accidentally' looks like Jordan. Also looks like she's been accidentally microwaved. Would be so easy to hate her shallowness already, but I think I can wait.

The fourteenth housemate was chosen at random from the remaining wannabees from a tombola:

Mario - considering who we could have got saddled with from the remaining crowd, Mario was a bit of a relief. Seems pretty normal by BB standards, but we've got to know him least. Mario has been set "Big Brother's Impossible Task" in that he will be BB's first proper 'mole', oft suspected in previous years (why I don't know - we'd have to be in on it) but only now coming to pass. In a brilliant twist though he was made to dress up in a mole suit with a sign hanging round his neck saying 'I am a mole' before meeting the other HMs. They must not suspect he is a mole of course or he'll be evicted. Further to this, as befits a mole, he will be tutored by the Tree of Temptation (now transformed into a wooden cabinet in the bathroom) into acts of sabotage, as yet not known.

I'm a bit lukewarm on this year's casting so far, but will report back if that changes.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Big Brother 11 - Before the Off

Unusually, it looks from here that 'Big Brother' is going to be good cop this year. Probably very far from the truth, but this summer's floral eye design and the undeniably plush interiors already revealed give that impression. Of course the eye is akin to a wreath for the final series and the interior is more see-through and less private than ever before.

Unusually too, we've been given a freakish longlist of around 80 wannabees from whom the the housemates will be picked tonight (well I presume tonight)and some sort of 'champion of champions' special series will follow immediately on for 2 weeks after BB11 ends. I'm wondering if the potential HMs know that they will remain incarcerated a while longer (with the likes of Nadia and Brian Dowling) even if they win?

Armed Forces Day 2010

Armed Forces Day. Honouring Britain's Armed Forces - Past, Present and Future.

Find out more about Armed Forces Day

If you love a man (or woman) in a uniform and want to show your support ... or just get up close then there's plenty of opportunity coming right up.

The second Armed Forces Day happens on 26th of June this year. For 2010 the celebrations centre on Cardiff on the day, but events are planned around the country honouring serving personnel and veterans alike.

The Scottish events calender is launched next week, with the first major diary date being the Stirling Military Show on the 19th. If you want something two weekends running you can! Most of the big cities (Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen, Edinburgh) hold their event on the 26th.

I'm thinking of checking out Stirling and Edinburgh and will bring my camera, hoping for summer weather ...

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Attitude Cover, July 2010: Jake Shears

Apologies for my continued absence, which was down to a bout of literal sickness just as I returned from hols in Oban.

To cheer us all up here is Jake Shears of the Scissor Sisters looking ravishing on the newly revealed "Attitude" cover.

EDIT: apparently it's the June issue, not the July issue, as the last issue was dated 'summer 2010'. I don't get that either ...

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