Thursday, 10 June 2010

Big Brother 11 - First Impressions

OK, so a quick word (if I can summon any up) about the 14 housemates who entered the house last night, in order of appearance.

Josie - seems fine to me, as long as she doesn't overplay the 'dizzy blonde bumpkin' angle which is such a BB cliche (though it worked for last year's winner). So far she hasn't. I'd imagine she's quite high in betting odds, having had a rare good reception from the Elstree crowd.

Steve - another good reception, but possibly on shallow reasons owing to him having both legs blown off by an IRA bomb while he was a soldier. Not seen much of the character yet, but likely to be a good guy with a good attitude.

Ben - probably going against the majority view here but Ben looks to me to be one to watch. He's outwardly an unsympathetic lanky posh bloke with a bouffant, but I think there's something else going on there. We'll see.

Rachael - struggling to say very much about the Beyonce lookalike. Not a good sign.

Nathan - this year's 'bloke's bloke', complete with six and a half inches of monobrow. Might be a one trick pony - need to see more from him before I can judge.

Dave - there were two housemates last night I wanted rid of as soon as they appeared - Dave, the mad monk, is the first. Fake and naff in equal quantities, he's like an 80s Radio One Roadshow DJ who's got religion. The forced jollity will surely not last.

Caiomhe - apparently pronounced 'Keeva'. Looks interesting and open. Another who might go far if she's careful not to make rivals.

Govan - bi black boy who really could go either way with me. Another it's too early to tell on.

"Shabby" - by name and by nature, this was the second one I took an instant dislike to. Looks like a cross between Noel Fielding and Jimmy Krankie and is desperately channeling BB7 Pete to look zany and original. Horrid child.

Ife - seems pleasant enough, but probably doing this to further her music career, so the heart may not be in it.

John James - Australian who apparently came over specially to audition for BB11 (has theirs finished?). Seems purely eye-candy at the moment - looked a bit moody and uncomfortable once in the house.

"Sunshine" - another one who I could take to or take against - there's elements of both in there. Seems intellegent though.

Corin - 'accidentally' looks like Jordan. Also looks like she's been accidentally microwaved. Would be so easy to hate her shallowness already, but I think I can wait.

The fourteenth housemate was chosen at random from the remaining wannabees from a tombola:

Mario - considering who we could have got saddled with from the remaining crowd, Mario was a bit of a relief. Seems pretty normal by BB standards, but we've got to know him least. Mario has been set "Big Brother's Impossible Task" in that he will be BB's first proper 'mole', oft suspected in previous years (why I don't know - we'd have to be in on it) but only now coming to pass. In a brilliant twist though he was made to dress up in a mole suit with a sign hanging round his neck saying 'I am a mole' before meeting the other HMs. They must not suspect he is a mole of course or he'll be evicted. Further to this, as befits a mole, he will be tutored by the Tree of Temptation (now transformed into a wooden cabinet in the bathroom) into acts of sabotage, as yet not known.

I'm a bit lukewarm on this year's casting so far, but will report back if that changes.

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