Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Big Brother 11 - Before the Off

Unusually, it looks from here that 'Big Brother' is going to be good cop this year. Probably very far from the truth, but this summer's floral eye design and the undeniably plush interiors already revealed give that impression. Of course the eye is akin to a wreath for the final series and the interior is more see-through and less private than ever before.

Unusually too, we've been given a freakish longlist of around 80 wannabees from whom the the housemates will be picked tonight (well I presume tonight)and some sort of 'champion of champions' special series will follow immediately on for 2 weeks after BB11 ends. I'm wondering if the potential HMs know that they will remain incarcerated a while longer (with the likes of Nadia and Brian Dowling) even if they win?

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