Wednesday, 27 June 2007

No10: Hello Goodbye

Today's big event in Downing Street captured in two simple photos as we change Prime Minister after 10 Years of Blair.

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

New "Radio Times" covers

Here's the merge of the two "Radio Times" covers focussing on the "Doctor Who" series three finale. The actual covers feature either the Doctor or the Master, plus assorted Toclafane etc. Note how David Tennant and John Simm brandish their sonic and laser screwdrivers respectively - there was apparently a bit of 'screwdriver envy' between the two actors on set ...

This shot is available as a poster from here.

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Gay Porn Star Peek 61

Thanks to Stuart, I have temporary access to the porn-iverse. So please enjoy the fruit

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Thanks Again!

Just a quick note to commemorate the fact that - despite my current problems - the blog has notched up 100,000 hits as of a few minutes ago.

Thanks to all of you who visit (even if half my visitors seem to go to the post about last years's Cosmo Celebrity nudes!) especially the regulars.

Here's to the million!

Doctor Who Magazine 384

DWM has done a "Radio Times" and is giving the next issue 2 alternative covers (collecters will need to buy both!) featuring the 2 latest actors to portray the Master. The McFly reference is to an article detailing 'sleb cameos in the show (these actually date back to 1965 when the Beatles appeared in "The Chase"). They have already appeared in the third trailer:

In the shops next Thursday (28 June).

Monday, 18 June 2007

Doctor Who - The Masterstroke

I know I've been a bit remiss with my series 3 reviews (mainly due to not having the computer at home) but I had to say something about Saturday''s climax to "Utopia" which saw the return of the Master (in two incarnations) and Captain Jack to the series.
In what was otherwise a fairly humdrum episode we had a really clever way of revealing the Doctor's arch enemy via a fobwatch - the same device the Doctor himself used to hide in 1913 - and Derek Jacobi's kindly Professer Yana turned evil just before suffering a fatal gunshot. Raising the stakes and giving us a humdinger of a cliffhanger to what was, in effect, the first of a three-part story, the dying Master steals the Doctor's TARDIS (as well as the severed hand tended by Jack) and makes his escape transforming into John Simm once inside. The Doctor, Martha and Jack are stranded at the end of time at the mercy of the nasty Futurekind!
As if that wasn't enough, next week we also have the now annual celeb-cameo-fest with Ann Widdecombe, Sharon Osborne and McFly all cropping up as themselves in "The Sound of Drums" where the UK has The Master as its new Prime Minister, Mr Saxon.

Monday, 4 June 2007

Update - the new mac is on the horizon!

Just to report that the family have come up with a solution to my computer-less world. Basically if I manage to save up £100 each month between May and July they will stump up the other £500 as a loan. I had already managed the May amount and June is a relatively short month so it seems do-able. Alas this still means the blog is going to be on limited service until the 31st July - I shall be winging it swiftly to John Lewis at the first opportunity.

So continued apologies for this, specifically affecting the male flesh tally. I even bought the new "Cosmopolitan" for this year's naked celebs pullout but I can't use my scanner without a working computer attached. I'm sure they'll be on the FamousMales site anyway.

For the record - this year includes Jason Donovan, Alex James and Matt Dawson but my fave was T4 presenter Rick Edwards.

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