Monday, 4 June 2007

Update - the new mac is on the horizon!

Just to report that the family have come up with a solution to my computer-less world. Basically if I manage to save up £100 each month between May and July they will stump up the other £500 as a loan. I had already managed the May amount and June is a relatively short month so it seems do-able. Alas this still means the blog is going to be on limited service until the 31st July - I shall be winging it swiftly to John Lewis at the first opportunity.

So continued apologies for this, specifically affecting the male flesh tally. I even bought the new "Cosmopolitan" for this year's naked celebs pullout but I can't use my scanner without a working computer attached. I'm sure they'll be on the FamousMales site anyway.

For the record - this year includes Jason Donovan, Alex James and Matt Dawson but my fave was T4 presenter Rick Edwards.

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