Friday, 29 February 2008

Extra Easter Torchwood

I'd heard a rumour that the series 2 DVD boxset was out as early as 'March (without any 'vanilla' precursors), which was odd as even at BBC Three pace the series would not have concluded on TV. However, as the 31st is a Monday, thus a potential release date, and if an extra episode screening occurred it would just work.

Yesterday I discovered that there is indeed an extra episode being slotted in on Easter Friday (21 March) as well as the regular one the Wednesday before (19 March).

Thus we have:

Ep 10 (From Out of the Rain) 12 March BBC Three, 19 March BBC Two

Ep 11 (Drift) 19 March BBC Three, 21 March BBC Two

Ep 12 (Fragments) 21 March BBC Three, 26 March BBC Two

Ep 13 (Exit Wounds) 26 March BBC BBC Two ?

DVD Release - 31 March

That does assume a few things, especially the conventions regarding BBC Three screenings of course.

Amazon, meanwhile have it as being out on 2 June, which does seem a more credible date.

French police overpower cyclist - ADULTS ONLY

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A real scorching trio from Cadinot. Never trust police who arrive in camper vans, especially if you are cycling in ultra ripped jeans ...

PLease tell me the title of this so I can put it on my wishlist.

29 Feb edit: in his comment Stuart has correctly identified the film as 1993's "Corps d'Elite" and here's a censored photo of what to expect.

Thursday, 28 February 2008

An iPod for £32!

I'm obviously very partial to Apple just at the moment, but today I've found they've only gone and dropped the prices of the entry level iPods. The 1GB one holds 240 songs and costs £32 while the £2GB holds 500 songs and at £45 is slightly less than the current model.

Bravo sirs!

Apple Store - U.K. - iPod shuffle

Here is the late news ...

This all happened last Friday of course, so apologies for not keeping all of you up to speed (though, in one person's case, I was trying to keep this a secret until Monday at least). Basically, out of the blue, I had my new laptop bought and delivered to me by my sister and brother-in-law (those responsible for throwing out my last Mac!) after only half the savings had been accrued towards it.

As some of you may recognise from the not great pic (above) I took last weekend, it's a mid-range MacBook, running Leopard, so I'm pretty bang up to the minute.

I've never had a laptop before and I craved the portability, especially as it's built for wi-fi. That's what it was hooked up to in the photo - turns out The Seven Kings in Dunfermline does free wi-fi access. I'm using it again at this very moment.

I've been very keen to 'divine' where the wi-fi roams over the past few days. Most bizarrely I was surfing on Tuesday morning on the no55 bus and the night before I found my mate PJ had it and didn't know (it was someone else's freely transmitting). And a big shout out to Martin at The Illicit Still (our Doctor Who group venue) who not only has the free wi-fi but let me plug the MacBook in and save my battery. Dunno if that's offered to just anyone.

Other stuff I've been given a buzz by is being able to sync up my iTunes with, so prepare to see my playlist going off at a new, less random, tangent. And I was able to upload 80 photos at once to Flickr. Impressive. Still getting to grips with the DVD and Movie features and wondering what I can use the iSight webcam for ... anyone fancy a podcast?

And on the same day, my sister confirmed that all the legal gubbins (missives) had finally been signed for my new flat! After so many target flat deals fell at the last, this is a great relief. Not wishing to give myself away completely but I will have a lounge view out to Rex Park in Dunfermline.

29 Feb Update: I'm not quite as 'bang up to the minute' now - along with the iPod Shuffle revamp yesterday, the whole MacBook range got a wee boost, so I'm one iteration behind.

Friday, 22 February 2008

Medical 'Czech Up" trio - ADULTS ONLY

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One of the regular "Czech Up" series from Here the bespectacled and uniformed Karel Grosse (with a suitably huge wanger) gets a typically intimate medical leading to a threesome.

13 Aug 08 update - I've repaired this post ;-)

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Torchwool - Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre

AfterElton alerted me to this fantastic spoof.

Other stuff mercilessly lampooned at

Torchwood Totty - Gareth David Lloyd

Thought I'd post this one of the actor behind Ianto sans suit which we've only seen once in the entire run of "Torchwood" to date ("Countrycide" to be exact). He must be the TV hero of the MenAtPlay crowd!

Looks vaguely goth-y in this shot by SFX magazine, but still very do-able.

And I found this too ...

Join My Ning

Started this up earlier in the week, so for those of you who enjoy the videos I embed here's the place to go for more.

Of course I'd be more than pleased to get some(suitable) submissions!


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Monday, 18 February 2008

Sunshine Cat

This is Willow the house cat making the most of Saturday afternoon's sunshine in the lounge.

Unfortunately it was as I reached for the camera to take this shot that I discovered a major fault on it. Basically the viewfinder is gone, looking like it's glass is cracked (but isn't, at least externally). Ironically I think this is one of the best shots I've taken with it - obviously the camera itself still works and has lots of autofocus and auto-exposure things going on. However I will be pursuing a repair or replacement from either Argos or Kodak as I don't think things like this should happen after 3 weeks careful use.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Rugby Totty - Rory Lamont

rory lamont - scotland rugger, originally uploaded by Philetor.

While his brother is injured here's a pleasing view of Sean's brother and Scotland team-mate Rory.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Extra Torchwood

And that's ESPECIALLY for viewers in Scotland!

I noted from the new "Radio Times" yesterday that BBC Two Scotland have relented on showing both the kiddie-friendly edit of "Torchwood" and the ONLY showing of "Torchwood De-Classified" which is networked in England and Wales on Thurdays at 7pm. As from episode 4 ("Meat") it will go out on TUESDAY at 7pm instead, avoiding the sacred Gaelic Zone (ironically this is ditched for a football match next week!).

Sorry I don't know if this situation is matched in Northern Ireland which also has a localised Thursday evening schedule.

However I managed to miss the fact that from next Wednesday (13th) BBC Three will be premiering the 'next week' episode, as they did with "Heroes" last year. This is especially apt for Martha Jones fans as her first of three "Torchwood" episodes ("Reset") will be on at 9.50pm that night, following episode five ("Adam") on BBC Two.

Only drawback here is that this will skim off some of BBC Two's ratings, as happened in series one.

7 FEBRUARY UPDATE: SFX are now reporting this BBC Three premiere is to be a one-off, presumably to draw people into the revamp happening on the channel from next week.

The new camera

Well not actually my camera as it can't quite take a picture of itself yet. I finally managed to get together enough cash and confidence in my choice last Thursday evening and picked this up in the Craigleith branch of Argos during a very gusty shower. The photo tells you a fair bit about the spec.

I've went from a 3 megapixel model (impressed me back in 2003) to a whopping 12 megapixel model now. However I've set it to take pics at 6MP (its lowest setting) as I think that's fair enough for my purposes.It also doesn't clog up the storage so much. It was only giving me room for 25 or so shots with the inbuilt 64MB ! I wisely spurned the Argos offer of a 1GB SD card for 'only' £17.99 - instead I picked up a Tesco own-brand SD card for under a tenner - and it's a 2GB one! Now I have room for over 1000 photos. However it also takes HD video - so I think a big storage capacity is essential for that.

Unfortunately, as on the day of purchase, the weather when I'm not in work has been pretty filthy and not very photogenic. Hopefully I'll be able to get some new landscape shots done this coming weekend.I'm thinking of a trip out somewhere like Linlithgow, St Andrews or the Borders. Looking especially for carpets of snowdrops.

Kate Rusby - The Village Green Preservation Society

This seems to have been released as a single (it's a bonus track on her current album), following its use as the theme tune to sitcom "Jam and Jerusalem". Can't find a proper video on YouTube though. It's a cover of a well-loved Kinks song from 1968.

Radio Times Covers Party

Call me a sad anorak but this is always a do I'd love to get invited to, Essentially anyone who's been on the RT cover in the last calendar year gets an invite. Here's four of the liggers. Unfortunately the one of Freema Agyeman with the (currently injured) Sean Lamont isn't online so I may have to scan it from the magazine.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

"Voyage of the Damned" DVD cover released

Here's the first of what could be labelled the 'season four' batch of vanilla DVDs with the TARDIS coral replacing the 'season three' TARDIS floor panels as a wraparound theme.

It's out on Monday 10 March, likely to be in the immediate run up to series four proper starting on BBC One. My guess is Easter Saturday, 23 March.

Amazon have this at £10.98

Scene from "The Intern" - ADULTS ONLY

Thought this was rather cute - shades of Henry from "Ugly Betty" in terms of promoting lust for geeks. Shame about the invasive titles near the beginning, but at least you know who you're getting ;-) (Ben Andrews dons specs for the title role)

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River City Totty - David Paisley

For anyone who wondered what happened to actor David Paisley after his character's gruesome demise in "Holby City" in 2003, he's currently on Scottish TV screens in the soap "River City". The picture here (not at all flattering) is him in character as Rory Murdoch who popped up over the festive season. I think it's the first time the out-gay actor hasn't played a gay character, but he is following a certain theme with Tinsel Town, Holby City then River City.

"River City's New Star On Playing Gangster's Son"

Good News for terrestrial bound "Skins" viewers

As well as giving me an excuse to post this lovely piccy of Mitch Hewer (who plays the featured character in the first episode) the actual good news is that while the new series premieres on E4 next Monday, the Channel 4 showing is merely 3 days later on Thursday at 10.35pm. Last year terrestrial viewers had to wait the best part of a year before the first season appeared on C4!

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