Sunday, 28 December 2008

Arthurian Totty - Bradley James & Colin Morgan

I did mean to put this post up before season one of "Merlin" ended a fortnight ago, so apologies for the delay.

(There is a bit more of Bradley than Colin I'm afraid.)

Above is the official 'wallpaper' pic of Bradley as Arthur, and below are some screenshots that show off one of his best assets ;-)

Next up are two shots of Bradley in a pre-"Merlin" role (an episode of "Lewis") exposing his lovely torso

Finally Colin shows us his corresponding bits in further "Merlin" screenshots.

And as a camp Colin bonus here's him quite recently in the live celebrity panto from "The Paul O'Grady Show". He's got a mute role as a cat, but does speak as himself in the end.

And then there was his part in last Christmas's "Catherine Tate Show". The presents sketch got loads of complaints, so be warned...

Particular thanks to the excellent fansite

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