Monday, 31 July 2006

Porn Star Peek 18

Darryl @

Bernardo @

Doctor Who - Funny Money

These were specially printed to spew from a cash machine in the Christmas special. I think they're cute (and undoubtedly collectable). The face on the £20 note is producer Phil Collinson.

Saturday, 29 July 2006

Porn Star Peek 17 and

Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Doctor Who - Christmas in July (again)

Here's David Tennant, Catherine Tate, director Euros Lyn and sundry crew and extras sweltering yesterday in the 30 degree heat of Cardiff city centre, bravely pretending it's Christmas in London for the festive special, "The Runaway Bride". Note the re-appearance of the sinister Santa brass band (hmmmm....) and another cameo from 'Henrik's' department store. I expect first pics/reports from filming of series 3 proper any day now.

Pictures sourced from original report on 'Outpost Gallifrey'.

Monday, 24 July 2006

McFly - Don't Stop Me Now

I didn't realise until yesterday that the version I've heard lately was not Queen's 1979 original but this McFly cover, which has knocked Lily Allen off the No1 spot this week. At least it's not the dreadful "Please Please Please" Anyway this is the video, in aid of last weekend's Sport Relief (hence the running theme. McFly also performed last year's official Comic Relief single.

Here's an alternate performance from the nearly departed "Top of the Pops".

Furthermore, in related news, the band performed at G.A.Y on Saturday night and stripped past their boxers for the lads! Here's the naked truth. I have to ask "Where's Harry?" though ...

Thursday, 20 July 2006

Porn Star Peek 16 - Twins!

Here's two sets of twins to satisfy a common fantasy ... it seems from the pics at the links there's a very fun way to tell them apart in both sets !

Dean & Dave Resnick @

Rodinei & Rodrigo Santana@

Wednesday, 19 July 2006

Letter to "Daily Record"

"Scotland’s biggest ever SEX survey" – what a load of guff! 7 pages of questions that do their level best to muzzle any non-heterosexual readers and thus any embarrassing non-heterosexual results (hey this is from the paper that backed Brian Souter’s "Keep the Clause" campaign so what should I expect). It’s an excuse to pry into people’s private lives to get some prurient end result to fill your desperate pages.

Where most surveys would sensibly ask your gender and sexuality as the first 2 questions, in the first 5 pages there’s no meaningful reference to same-sex relations and when it does appear it’s under a section entitled "Sex and Morality" where your ‘resolutely heterosexual’ readers are basically invited to pontificate on things that don’t affect them.

Your gay readers are obviously only allowed to write to wizened old maid Joan to have a finger waggled at them. There strangely seems to be an almost daily stream of gayness there on the ‘problem’ page.

Oh, and I don’t expect this letter to be published (unless Joan gets her mits on it).

Graeme Robertson

Sunday, 16 July 2006

Porn Star Peek 15

The prettiest Ood disrobes for our pleasure. Lee Toledo @

More 'socks and gusset' hi-jinx with Chad Driver @

Friday, 14 July 2006

Summer of Sportsmen 1 - Jeremy Clement

I have a few scans lined up and thought I'd arrange them into a series.

Here's the first - Glasgow Rangers' recent French signing Jeremy Clement in a fetish friendly "socks and gusset" shot from earlier this week.

Thursday, 13 July 2006

Big Brother Channel - satire

Just had to post this. Thanks to Death_or_Glory over at the Digital Spy forum:

Endemol Launch New BB TV Channel

Big Brother production company Endemol has announced it's first schedules for the upcoming launch of BBTV, a channel dedicated to supporting the careers of the now famous housemates.

5.00PM "Ready Steady Cook" - Welsh celebrity chef Glyn is challenged to make a 3-course meal out of a black-pudding, whilst thrilling the audience with his catchphrase 'dyu know worra mean".
5.30PM "Friends" New character Jennie finds it difficult to make friends after Monica gets bored with her.
6.00PM "Richard & Judy" Starring Richard as Judy Finnegan. This week a look at how wearing one glove and pearls can lead to public ridicule.
6.30PM "Some Mothers Do Ave Em" - starring Pete as Frank Spencer. After falling down stairs and into a swimming pool our hero accuses Nikki of leaving skidmarks when she does a woopsie in his beret.
7.00PM "Tomorrow's World" - New science presenter Nikki shows us how the latest MP3's work - Don't try this at home kids
7.30PM "Through the Keyhole" - Aisleyne takes over from Loyd Grossman. This week we visit the house next door, where the clues include blond hair extensions and a catering pack of kleenex. Who lives in a yard like this?
8.00PM "You Are What You Eat" - This week Imogen eats a lot of vegetables.
8.30PM "Blankety Blank" - Not a remake of the classic BBC quiz show, but the title of a new 3 part drama based on the life of Mikey.
9.00PM "Wifeswap" - Jayne enjoys a week with her new family but returns home to find her husband has sold up and left the country.
10.00PM "Steptford Wives" - In tonight's first big movie Chelsea and Kent are taken over by tea-drinking, Jaguar driving, robot women with superiority complexes.
11.30PM "The Godfather IV" - Michael stars as Don Corleone and massacres his housemates as they show him no respect.
1.30AM "Taxi Driver" In the last of tonight's triple bill, Spiral plays Travis Bickle and says 'are you looking at me widdya face".

If you don't watch you won't get it but I nearly sprayed a sandwich over my computer reading it.

Kyal Marsh - those stiffy screencaps

Checking my hitcounter details I note how many come here on the hunt for evidence of the "Neighbours" episode wherein actor Kyal Marsh appears visibly excited in his shorts, Thanks to atwt from the Digital Spy forums I have what you are after. The screencaps (and a video clip) of the August 2005 episode can be found at

And here's a sample:

Frankly I'm disappointed. I was expecting something more tentpole-ish.

Monday, 10 July 2006

Italian Footballers show their pants for D & G

I'm tempted to say "Mamma Mia" but look what I found in the weekend papers! Five of the same players who played and won the World Cup for Italy yesterday have obligingly dropped 'em for a Dolce & Gabbana advertising campaign. If only Totti had joined in I could have put the headline as Totti Totty - ah well, can't have everything. Thanks to the "Sunday Mail" not identifying who was who I've had to Google-Image the names to see the two I was most impressed by - turns out to be Fabio Cannavaro and Manuele Blasi. But doing that also brought these up:

Have you seen the packets in some of these shots? All I can say is they were the deserved victors last night if this ball control is anything to go by.

Porn Star Peek 14

Chip @

Ben Dodge (funny name for an Argentinian) in nearly 1000 photos @

Sunday, 9 July 2006

Bira Vaz

Bira Vaz
Video sent by Crazy-Frog
Thought my visitors would enjoy this sexy preview (no nudity).

Will post more if this is popular.

Saturday, 8 July 2006

Doctor Who - Doomsday 8/10

So now we know. Rose is dead, but only in 'our' universe. In the alt-universe she and Jackie have been re-united with Mickey and Pete to form a cosy family unit with a baby on the way (Jackie's). Rose is even working for alt-Torchwood.

And it was an anti-climax of course. But a well-done one, literally sending me to the edge of my seat with my hands hovering around my face. It was certainly uneven in pace and tone though.

Top anti-climax was the "Genesis Ark" that the Daleks brought with them. The forums had been sparking with speculation that it was 'so obviously' Davros, the Face of Boe or Rose herself. Boringly, it was a Time-Lord prison ship which - when activated unwittingly by Mickey - spewed millions of Daleks. Perversely that was when the jeapordy set up last week just melted away for me. When 4 Daleks squared up to millions of Cybermen with a sneering lack of respect ("This is not war - it is pest control") it was interesting, though it had already descended into comical bitch-slaps. When there were millions of both buzzing about Docklands it was all insecty CGI long shots. Not 20 minutes or so into the episode it already looked like RTD had become bored by the Cybermen v Daleks concept and indeed his resolution sidestepped the whole "who would win" question by sucking them all back into the void they'd came from mid-battle. In fact there was around 10 minutes left after both armies (and Rose) had met their destiny. You knew something else was coming.

The something else was 'the goodbye'. Apparently the Doctor just has to say a proper goodbye to Rose and harnesses a supernova to project himself into the alt-universe for a tearful reunion on a "Norwegian" beach called "Bad Wolf Bay". This scene also narrowly avoided the Doctor returning Rose's blurted out "I love you", which probably struck the right balance. Unfortunately, like Jackie's meeting alt-Pete for the first time it completely obliged a sudden change of tempo and will certainly have infuriated a vocal group of fans who hate such 'soapy' elements. Even I felt those scenes, though good in themselves, felt slotted in.

And all last week's questions remained unanwsered, as expected. Some more questions presented themselves too. Jake re-appeared in uber-macho fashion but evaporated as the Tyler extended family coalesced in the alt-universe. What happened to him?

One nice little surprise was Yvonne, now turned into a Cyberman, blasting away some fellow Cybes as she maintained her dutiful personality. I think that's a first.

Of course then there's the cliffhanger ending - not the type we were all expecting. Instead of being linked to the plot in hand it set up the Christmas special with the bizarre appearance of a bolshy bride in the TARDIS, as played by Catherine Tate. To be continued in "The Runaway Bride" on 25 December.

Friday, 7 July 2006

Porn Star Peek 13

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Wednesday, 5 July 2006

Doctor Who - hello Martha Jones

Now that yesterday's embargo has lifted I can splash fully on the announcement of Billie Piper's replacement as companion. Freema was seen as a different (doomed) character in last Saturday's episode but will re-appear in the Spring as Martha Jones. Apart from the name, no other significant character details have been announced, but I'm hoping she doesn't also come from present day London (or Cardiff).

For these publicity shots it appears Freema and David were despatched to River Island or suchlike, wearing 3 different outfits each in 5 photos!

Filming begins on the Christmas special later this month, with a 'surprise' companion, while Martha debuts in series 3 proper.

Alex Pettyfer in "Stormbreaker"

The charming young Mr P has started doing the publicity rounds for "Stormbreaker", which opens here on 21 July. Here's a couple of scans of Alex from an interview last weekend plus a couple of him in action as teenage spy Alex Rider (in one of which I think he just put himself through a car wash):

The interview may break a few hearts - he's already got a 19 year old girlfriend.

Tuesday, 4 July 2006

Doctor Who - yet more "Radio Times" covers !!!

For the fourth & fifth time this year "Doctor Who" has made the cover of "Radio Times". And for the first time ever it's two weeks running of covers! Relenting from my antipathy towards the World Cup I have to say this crossover double is sheer genius (though I don't fancy the Daleks chances in this battle) ...

Monday, 3 July 2006

Porn Star Peek 12

Doctor Who - "Army of Ghosts" initial thoughts

Not the full review which, as usual with the 2-parters, I'll leave for next week.

There's loads to get niggled by in here, notably the very unconvincing idea of the "Army of Ghosts" being so widely accepted as dead family members (and even more bizarrely as "Eastenders" characters) and just the general counter-intuitive nature of Rose telling us at the outset how she died and this 'Imperial' Torchwood being so far removed (morally and geographically) from the "Torchwood" we're promised on BBC3. I think we're just having to accept the implausibility of the ghosts (especially as it was pointed out in the episode) but hope the rest is explained next week, along with how the Alt-Earth gang have followed the Cybermen to 'our' Earth and why the Daleks appear to have facilitated it.

But somehow it all worked - sometimes you just enjoy the ride and suspend your disbelief for the sheer thrills. Tracy Ann Oberman as the villainous Yvonne was spot on with her performance, completely comitted to the xenophobic aims of Queen Victoria's Institute but keen to know all her staff by their first name. A pity she'll probably not survive as this was a character ripe for return. Like Tennant, Oberman is a "Doctor Who" fan from way back and it's obvious she relished doing this.

And one of the best cliffhangers ever with Mickey's surprise reappearance swiftly followed by millions of now-armed Cybermen literally popping out of nowhere then the Daleks gliding malevolently into view with cries of "exterminate". How could you not love that?

9/10 and the promise of Andrew Hayden-Smith next episode too!

Sunday, 2 July 2006

July "Attitude" - Shayne Ward etc

The new "Attitude" is adorned by Shayne Ward (yes, he just happens to have another single out soon) and inside he flashes his gay-friendly credentials but not much else (they tried to get him into shorts but his press lady said no). Here's the best two pics from the set:

There's also this brief piece on Corrie's Sam Robertson (who I think is leaving the show soon). Possibly one of the most glaringly obvious actor change they've tried - all that remained from the Adam Barlow we'd last seen was a Scottish accent! And his hair always looks odd to me.

Lastly, a nice bit of rough from a feature on gay men doing the 'least gay' jobs. This lad has also done porn but he says the clients don't tend to recognise him when he comes to fix their pipe ...

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