Wednesday, 26 July 2006

Edinburgh - July 2006


Peter Rivendell said...

Great pictures. Edinburgh looks beautiful in Summer.

Graeme said...

Took them on Saturday. THought I'd whet the appetite of anyone coming up for the festival season.

Peter Rivendell said...

I`ve never been to the festival although I've visited Edinburgh about three times.

I'm working on a book part-set in Edinburgh at the time of the 1745-6 Jacobite Rebellion at the moment - not writing it I hasten to add.

Graeme said...

That sounds like an interesting project. So many people (even in Scotland) think it was merely another Scots v The English barney.

Peter Rivendell said...

Apparently no English regiment lists Culloden among its battle honours - presumably because of the atrocities that followed the battle. I actually knew very little about Bonnie Prince Charlie - but it is a very interesting story - and almost more a European war than an Anglo-Scots one. Some of the locations in the book don`t look to have changed much - Canongate Tollhouse, which was used for some of the Jacobite prisoners, for example.

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