Thursday, 26 June 2008

Big Brother 9 - The Treadmill dance task

I know I've neglected posting about BB9 on the main part of the blog, which is perverse, as I think it's had (Alex apart) one of the best few opening weeks in years.

Anyway, I just had to acknowledge this task, which was (unusually) broadcast live on E4's BBLB last night. Four of the housemates (Dale, Sylvia, Stuart and Rex) had to recreate a music video. Here's the original for comparison.

Considering the choreographer had been slung in prison and that Rex was a replacement for injured Rachel, I was very impressed. And loved the hip gear!

They passed.

Doctor Who - The Stolen Earth/Journey's End -Bumper Preview!

First up, the cover of DWM 397, which is published today. In fact it's actually the plastic bag cover - click the pic to see the rather clever 'real' cover which hides beneath.

And now, a trailer and a clip from Saturday's Episode 12 - "The Stolen Earth", which will have every fanboy's heart beating faster ... especially the 'doomed' atmosphere of the latter.

If you're up for an actual clip from Episode Thirteen, here's one as part of Gethin Jones "Blue Peter" report from the set, where he gets to be a Dalek operator. It's not too spoilerish though.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Gregory Yuri - ADULTS ONLY!

Ache outros vídeos como este em Erectus Brasil

It's peak tennis season and Wimbledon is nearly upon us, so I thought many would appreciate this piece of Brazilian smut from G Online.

More pictures here and here

New balls please ...

Doctor Who - The Stolen Earth - The Gang's All Here!

Awesome pic! I'm sure this will be on hundreds of desktops very soon.
More pics - some spoilery - from episode 12 at

Monday, 16 June 2008

Another Doctor Who cover for Radio Times!

Thanks to Prot on the Digital Spy forums for the heads-up. This goes on sale tomorrow prior to Billie Piper's first proper reappearance on Saturday.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Which Apprentice Finalist Are You?

Frankly I don't think the point of this MediaGuardian quiz is to get the answer (possibly because I came out as Helene - eek!) but just to poke fun at the weaknesses of the final four.

And anyone else think this is an odd photo - it's warmth and jollity certainly goes against the grain of the competitiveness and aggression that's been uppermost in the series. And where has Lee got his hand ...?

Lee is still the one I want to win tonight(and not just for those reasons), but everyone else tells me it will be gobshite Claire, as 'Surallan' doesn't want to lose another 'Badger'.

The final is on BBC One at 9pm tonight, successfully booting a Euro 2008 football match to BBC Two (apparently they can do that when they want to then?).

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Doctor Who Totty - Colin Morgan

The next episode of the new series, "Midnight" , is the 50th one filmed for the revived run since the cameras rolled again in July 2004. It was produced back to back with next again story "Turn Left" and thus is 'Donna-lite' while the latter is 'Doctor-lite'. It's reported to be a fairly atypical story - one that might not appeal to the kids so much - being very dialogue heavy and claustrophobic.

Something to distract from the menace (though the character may not be that benign, who knows) is actor Colin Morgan playing Jethro Cane, pictured above. There are a few odd character names in this.

The 50th episode gets an in-joke via the name of the company who run the shuttle bus on which the action is set.

And, for the second time this series we have Doctor Who actor offspring in the cast, this time David Troughton who's actually popped up three times in the classic series, notably as King Peladon in 1972. Oddly enough, he's being directed by Alice Troughton, who's no relation!

Lesley Sharp and Lindsey Coulson also feature in the guest cast, and "Radio Times" has already tipped me off to look for another familiar face come the end of the episode ...

My thanks to

19 June update:

Here's a brief video diary from Colin, taken during filming.

I also should note that Colin is filming the title role for the new "Merlin" series which will go out on BBC One (and NBC in America) later this year.

Friday, 6 June 2008

A Matt in a Suit #2

matt04, originally uploaded by Graeme @ Cobalt Studio.

Here's homegrown wonder Matt Hughes - more at my Flickr page (but you need to add me to see all his bits!).

There's a lot of him to go around, and he has been ...

A Matt in a Suit #1

Matthew_Cameron_02, originally uploaded by Graeme @ Cobalt Studio.

Something of a throwback to the Gay Porn Star Peek, but not quite.

Here's the first of two glimpses at two scrummy recent photosets, both featuring guys called Matt getting out of their suits.

Here's Matthew Cameron - full set at my Flickr page (but you need to add me to see all his bits!).

William Higgins' Airport Security - ADULTS ONLY

Find more videos like this on GayAllDay

Possibly inspired by post 9/11 angst the Higgins stable has come up with this ingenious, if not terribly logical, series where burly security bods intimidate, strip and poke a 'victim' or (as here) two.

Showed the first DVD volume to a mate at the weekend and this was his fave ... mainly due to the cute blond, but there's something for everyone here ;-)

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