Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Doctor Who Totty - Colin Morgan

The next episode of the new series, "Midnight" , is the 50th one filmed for the revived run since the cameras rolled again in July 2004. It was produced back to back with next again story "Turn Left" and thus is 'Donna-lite' while the latter is 'Doctor-lite'. It's reported to be a fairly atypical story - one that might not appeal to the kids so much - being very dialogue heavy and claustrophobic.

Something to distract from the menace (though the character may not be that benign, who knows) is actor Colin Morgan playing Jethro Cane, pictured above. There are a few odd character names in this.

The 50th episode gets an in-joke via the name of the company who run the shuttle bus on which the action is set.

And, for the second time this series we have Doctor Who actor offspring in the cast, this time David Troughton who's actually popped up three times in the classic series, notably as King Peladon in 1972. Oddly enough, he's being directed by Alice Troughton, who's no relation!

Lesley Sharp and Lindsey Coulson also feature in the guest cast, and "Radio Times" has already tipped me off to look for another familiar face come the end of the episode ...

My thanks to http://blogtorwho.blogspot.com/2008/06/midnight-promo-pics.html

19 June update:

Here's a brief video diary from Colin, taken during filming.

I also should note that Colin is filming the title role for the new "Merlin" series which will go out on BBC One (and NBC in America) later this year.


graham said...

Yea...hes hot

Jason said...

My God. Thank you so much for this.

K. said...

well theres a little irish theme pub between the two train stations in glasgow where he used to pull pints bqack in 2002/3 ish! who'd have thought talent like this could be found in there...

Graeme said...

Probably when he was at the Royal Scottish Academy then.

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