Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Which Apprentice Finalist Are You?

Frankly I don't think the point of this MediaGuardian quiz is to get the answer (possibly because I came out as Helene - eek!) but just to poke fun at the weaknesses of the final four.

And anyone else think this is an odd photo - it's warmth and jollity certainly goes against the grain of the competitiveness and aggression that's been uppermost in the series. And where has Lee got his hand ...?

Lee is still the one I want to win tonight(and not just for those reasons), but everyone else tells me it will be gobshite Claire, as 'Surallan' doesn't want to lose another 'Badger'.

The final is on BBC One at 9pm tonight, successfully booting a Euro 2008 football match to BBC Two (apparently they can do that when they want to then?).

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