Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Food Products of the Year

It may seem unlikely but this post has been the most pre-planned that I can remember.

Basically I'm acknowledging the foodstuffs that have made my year one way or another. I can only really 'point' to prepackaged stuff though.

Most Indiscreet Post of the Year ..

I just wish to thank the barmen at the Seven Kings, the checkout boys at the wee Asda in Dunfermline (especially Marc, Craig, Grant, the foxy red-haired guy who looked at me funny today, and the cute beardy guy who is like the Fleet Foxes do gay porn), my horny pharmacist and the ParcelForce lad who delivers to work for giving me so many sexual fantasies that I'm ultimately never going to see happen.

Well, at least I've admired your VPL ..

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

The Christmas Presents

Outgoing ...

Incoming ...

Did I get a good deal?

Monday, 29 December 2008

Fightplace: Battling Workman’s Overalls (Preview Clip)

I thought I'd feature this odd piece of homo-eroticism for those like me who are into rip'n'strip wrestling. A German company specialises in this kind of stuff, though it sadly does not go all the way.

All their previews are posted on Dailymotion, and here's the one for this title:

Behold the Blidget ! (and other housekeeping notes)

I've created a "Blidget"on Widgetbox so you can have a mini-feed of me wherever you want to pop it in! It automatically updates - see the one I've used for "Hunk du Jour" on the sidepanel - and can be widened and customised in various ways. You can also build one for your own blogs.

Here's the code for mine:

You may also have noticed I've been tweaking the format further and have added and subtracted a few things. Most obvious, but with gormless timing (missing Christmas and with a September birthday) I've found I can host my Amazon Wishlist here as another widget. It's auto-updated whenever I add something new, but they're not in price order or order of preference, just the ten latest additions. Feel free to buy for yourself there if something tickles your fancy - I've set up as an affiliate so I'll get something from that too!

The Blog List has been pruned of any blogs that hadn't updated in over a month, however I've noticed it has a glitch which sometimes links to the wrong blog on the list, so be careful and double check where you're going!

And you may be glad to know that my New Year's Resolution is to spend more time on posting stuff here in 2009. Now that I have my 'new new' camera I can do photos again (as you are about to see).

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Arthurian Totty - Bradley James & Colin Morgan

I did mean to put this post up before season one of "Merlin" ended a fortnight ago, so apologies for the delay.

(There is a bit more of Bradley than Colin I'm afraid.)

Above is the official 'wallpaper' pic of Bradley as Arthur, and below are some screenshots that show off one of his best assets ;-)

Next up are two shots of Bradley in a pre-"Merlin" role (an episode of "Lewis") exposing his lovely torso

Finally Colin shows us his corresponding bits in further "Merlin" screenshots.

And as a camp Colin bonus here's him quite recently in the live celebrity panto from "The Paul O'Grady Show". He's got a mute role as a cat, but does speak as himself in the end.

And then there was his part in last Christmas's "Catherine Tate Show". The presents sketch got loads of complaints, so be warned...

Particular thanks to the excellent fansite

Friday, 26 December 2008

Eartha Kitt (1927-2008) - Video Tribute

The great lady passed away on Christmas Day. Here's some choice Eartha ...

Firstly, the most appropriate one for the season, though rather sad considering the date of her death - "Santa Baby" from 1953 (with added drag)

Here's another of her trademark songs, "Just An Old Fashioned Girl", performed in 1962

We then jump to her 1980s re-invention as a gay icon. First with comeback hit "Where Is My Man", which I was lucky enough to see her perform live in late 1983 at Fire Island in Edinburgh. This one is audio only, but is the original mix.

Here's two very gay friendly videos for subsequent singles "I Love Men" and "I Don't Care"...

And finally, Eartha teamed up with Bronski Beat in 1989 for Cha Cha Heels...

Ten Doctors Elf Disco

Some festive silliness from the great Babel

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Glad Tie-dings everyone !

For those celebrating the day, a little festive twist!

(And I have changed the layout, as forewarned, this morning)

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Raveonettes - Christmas Song

Thanks to the Dobbies adverts I've fallen in love with this. It joins a remarkably short list of street cred Christmas songs.

Goodbye Ning and Goodbye Layout

Double trouble for the blog has occurred in the past week or two.

First Ning is taking all the adult groups away as of the end of this year, so all my previous embed links to them will vanish in 2009. Sorry, nothing I can do.

And secondly, YouTube has followed the BBC in making all its embedded video widescreen (even though most of the content isn't!). So again I have to reconsider the formatting which at present doesn't quite stretch to the bigger size. If my blog fits your screen fine at present (with no blank space at the sides) then a wider template is equally going to be to big for your screen - sorry. You'll have to tweak at your end.

A Very Doctor Who Christmas

Just found this newesrst masterpiece by Babel, and with only a fortnight to go to the big day, I thought this would start my personal countdown!

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