Sunday, 31 December 2006

Dieux du Stade players - TV striptease

This is SO blow-your-mind stuff.

Roll VT darling ...

More Dieux Du Stade to follow in the New Year (not Mr Lamont whom I have yet to get in a covenient form ... but nothing is left to the imagination in his video).

Saturday, 30 December 2006

3 x Swedish Cheese

First up is a vey strange and cheap 2001 video by Alcazar for their biggest hit "Crying at the Discoteque" It manages to be more hatstand and preposteroos than their inpiration track, Sheila B Devotion's "Spacer". And the mystery of why the lead singer matched those tight gold lame shorts with his shiny helmet (despite trying to look smouldering in a suit for half the time) is still a bit puzzling, He's got it to flaunt though.

Next up, Continuing a run of "Doctor Who" music videos are the A-Teens, who back a celebration of the whole series with "Floorfiller".

And we all know whose tribute band they were. Take me back to '75 ...

If only they's stopped with those same moves and camera angles in that early video.

Babel's tribute to the Ninth Doctor

This one's entitled 'Not so macho' ... tends to linger on the Auton hand wrangling and gurning from early in his short tenure.

Babels's Tenth Doctor Tribute

It's all about that accent ...

David Tennant/The Smiths -"The Boy With the Thorn in his Side" (from 'Blackpool")

This dates from just pre-"Doctor Who" days, as "Blackpool" was screened in November/December 2004. Possibly the most choreographed drugs bust in TV history. Tennant and co-stars Bryan Dick and Thomas Morrison are channelling Mr M via the Young Generation. Love it!

The 12 Lays of Christmas - 6

are the 2 URLs you need here. This is avery large collection of photos for those of you with a secret pash for the 'housing estate trash' - now a hefty niche market in British gay porn. It's quite a jumble of convincing, non-convincing (the above trio sadly), solo and action. As there are also American and German guys in there the moniker may not quite apply either.

Even a photo I took made it in there!

And if you can cope with XTube videos then these will come in handy ...

A Musical Tribute to the Doctor Who companions

This is a ruddy brilliant piece of work by one who calls himself Babel, and I'll be posting some of his other creations soon. The tributes to Doctors 1, 9 and 10 are particularly funny.

Here we have ALL the companions to date (not an Adam or a Katerina or Kamelion left aside) with footage carefully cut to the lyrics of "Feeling Good" (the Michael Buble version I think).

Stars on 54 - "If You Could Read My Mind"

As we approach the new year it's time to dance around those handbags, Here's one camp track I discovered from the 1998 movie '54'(though I was already a fan of Gordon Lightfoot's original) where it was a recurring theme.This video features some nicely gratuitous shots of suddenly single Ryan Phillipe.

Friday, 29 December 2006

Doctor Who - series 3 trailer

Yes I know I'm behind with my reviews of both "The Runaway Bride" and the last batch of "Torchwood" (Note that they will spring up nearer their broadcast date here) but here's the season 3 trailer that graced the end credits on Monday night. If you don't blink you'll spot Dean Lennox Kelly, Ardal O'Hanlon (under prosthetics but you'll get the voice), Miranda Raison, Hugh Quarshie, Mark Gatiss and new girl Freema Agyeman.

Expected due date 7 April 2007 (Easter Saturday once more) with the episode "Smith and Jones"

The 12 Lays of Christmas - 5

A bit kinkier than my normal, but what's few ropes, some candlewax and a gag between friends?

This is from originally (where being tied up is an occasional risk) and it's the cute Czech blond 'victim' (named Eric for the set) that swung it for me.

Thursday, 28 December 2006

This week I've mostly been listening to ...

Had to give a recommendation to The Green Lounge. It's an internet radio station that plays just the sort of music I need. That should tell you what an interesting bloke/sad fuck I am, depending on your own taste.

If you have iTunes go to the radio player then choose the Eclectic menu, alternatively go to

20 Thousand and counting!

Just to say that. while I was in an alchoholic haze yesterday, the blog amassed 20,000 hits. As it got to the 10,000 mark in late August I think that's good going, even if no-one seems to want to talk to me anymore.

The 12 Lays of Christmas - 4 ...

for those who like the longer haired youth and some Bel Ami bonking, this is basically 3 sets with a solo each of Luke Hamill and Tobias Hayek before the partake in the 5-way group action (picured last)

Wednesday, 27 December 2006

The 12 Lays of Christmas - 3

Porn stars have a lot in common with circus performers really. Always having to do regular physical acrobatics for the paying audience and having a big pole tenting their barrier material.

This trio tented so much in their lycra I can only give you the first picture to whet your appetite.

Go to
for the rest or seek the DVD, the name of which currently escapes me but the theme should be obvious!

Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Nina Simone - "Lilac Wine"

I grew up with the Elkie Brooks version from 1978, and apparently the song has also been recorded by Katie Melua and Jeff Buckley, but here's one of my favourite female singers accompanied by a well-realised 'home video'.

The 12 Lays of Christmas - 2

A younger, wetter duo for today as we hit the showers ...

Top 10 Tracks of 2006

In no particular order:
I Don't Feel Like Dancing -Scissor Sisters

Sleep - Texas
Save Room - John Legend
She Moves in Her Own Way - Kooks

Crazy - Gnarls Barkley
Set the Fire to the Third Bar - Snow Patrol/Martha Wainwright

Thunder in My Heart Again - Meck ft Leo Sayer

Smile - Lily Allen
Rehab - Amy Winehouse

plus one from Richard Hawley.

Can't choose yet.

Sunday, 24 December 2006

The Proclaimers - "Sunshine on Leith"

Craig & Charlie's masterpiece, even if it only made no41 in November 1988, Here it is live at T in the Park. Sublime.

(Was it only me who found the twins sexy?)

Lulu - "To Sir With Love

After a dash of the future here's a warming track from way back in 1967. It's surely from an American TV show (where this was a deserved No1).

One of my all time faves, thanks to being played as the regular last track at the first gay 'disco' I went to ("The Laughing Duck" in Edinburgh) back in 1983

Mika - "Grace Kelly"

I'm posting my favourite tracks of the year on Boxing day, but here's one I think is for the future - a not unattractive young man by the name of Mika. He's a cross between Robbie Williams and Bruno from "The Kids from Fame".

The single "Grace Kelly" is out in January.

2 Sexy Santas ...

To wish all my readers (of all faiths and none) a Merry Christmas, here's 2 Santas stripping down to reveal they're far too young to be the real thing ...

Porn Star Peek Christmas Special - buy British !

From my 3 favourite UK purveyors of picture porn, and via some seriously sexy gay blogs.

I'm also carrying clickable banners to take you to the full sites.

First off we have the country's premiere fetish site - where the clothes are as gorgeous as the guys - Men at Play. Here's straight sportsman Johnny B on a return engagement.

Click here for more

Next to - not actually a literal definition as some models aren't even British, let alone from England. Anyway I fell in love with ex-squaddie Simon Danby at first sight. He didn't even need to lose his combats, but that's what happens!

Click here for more

And here's Henry, showing you up his kilt. It's a slightly half-hearted rig-out but I'll let it off. This is for 'new kid on the block',, which has much in common with Men at Play (notably certain models) and is sure to go far.

Click here for more

Saturday, 23 December 2006

The 12 Lays of Christmas

As from Monday I'm suspending Porn Star Peek for the holidays. Fear not smut lovers, as I'm replacing it with a daily dose of some plural stuff. That is to say I'm linking to photosets with actual goo-splattered gay sex . Normally, in an attempt to be inclusive, I steer clear of such stuff but I still have some faves I want to share.

Feedback please.

Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Doctor Who - "The Runaway Bride" gallery up

Including the first sight of the Empress of Rachnoss (above) - an unrecognisable Sarah Parish.
Having attended Matt Lucas' wedding reception at the weekend (dressed as Buttons), David Tennant was keeping tight lipped about staying on for the fourth series which the BBC confirmed yesterday at the press launch for this year's Christmas Day episode.

Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Yay! Back online

Just to note that I'm back online at home as of this morning. The strained service you've had since the end of August has ended. Look forward to a burst of scans and .. . other stuff.

Tuesday, 12 December 2006

"The Tomorrow People" redubbed

Some saucy scamp has redubbed one of my childhood favourites ... and it's bloody hilarious!

(Not for sensitive souls, owing to some fruity language and concepts).

Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Doctor Who at Christmas

Three "Doctor Who" related programmes air over the festive season on BBC One, as related in detail here -

As well as "The Runaway Bride" at 7 on Christmas Day, there is a 1 hour "Doctor Who Confidential" (entitled "Music & Monsters") at 1pm, presumably focussing on Murray Gold and the recent "Children in Need" concert in Cardiff. And on the afternoon of New Years' Day we have a further hour with "The Sarah Jane Adventures: Invasion of the Bane", the promised pilot of the CBBC spin-off starring Lis Sladen and Samantha Bond.

Meanwhile the last 3 eps of "Torchwood" on BBC3 are apparently slightly re-jigged. Ep 11 airs half an hour early on Christmas Eve at 9.30pm, while the last 2 episodes air consecutively the same night, again at 9.30pm, but on New Years' Day rather than New Years' Eve. Probably wise.

Incedentally, for the umpteenth time this year "Doctor Who" gets the cover of the "Radio Times" - the issue that goes on sale today for the week of 16-22 December.
PS - There's another "Doctor Who" version of "The Weakest Link" coming up (filmed in November) but I don't know if that's part of the festive schedules. Unlike the previous one it appears more 'new series star'-oriented.

Monday, 4 December 2006

Doctor Who -"Runaway Bride" clip

4 mins from this year's Christmas Special.

Torchwood - "They Keep Killing Suzie" 9/10

Apologies for the delay in my reviews. I've missed last week's episode on all it's screenings, but may still catch up later.
So here's my take on "They Keep Killing Susie", basically a sequel to the first episode but (in my opinion) a little more clever. It's the only one of the run written by the combo of Paul Tomalin and Dan McCulloch and the second (after "Cyberwoman") directed by James Strong. Strong is now back at "Doctor Who" handling the 1930s New York-set 2-parter.

But back to the hub ...
A spate of serial killings throw up clues which eventually lead the team back to the 'ressurection glove' and dead ex-colleague Suzie Costello (Indira Varma), handily kept in cold storage. Jack at first attempts to use the glove but fails, so Gwen volunteers and is quite adept, if traumatised. So Gwen brings Susie back to life, albeit with the latter still bearing her fatal shotgun wounds through the head. Lucky for Susie it was a remarkably 'clean' wound!
Strangely, Susie does not 'die' again after the requisite time. She is interrogated at the hub and reveals her father is dying of cancer. Meanwhile Max, an erstwhile acquaintance of Suzie's, is also confined in the Hub cells under heavy suspicion of committing the serial killings. Suddenly Max manages to trigger a complete lockdown just as Jack discovers Susie and Gwen have fled. It transpires that not only has Suzie planned everything out, she is also aware that her 'death-force', complete with wounds are being transferred slowly to Gwen and it will soon prove fatal. Gwen has taken Susie to the hospital where her father lies in life support. Shockingly, she rips away the tubes and wires to kill him - this was not the sentimental visit Gwen had assumed.
By this time Gwen is in a worse way than Suzie and back at the hub they are trying to escape. Jack and team manage this by solving Suzie's complex trap, which involves an ISDN number from a book of Emily Dickenson poetry and the help of a policewoman (Yasmin Bannerman) on the end of a phone.
The gang race off in pursuit and there's eventually a dawn showdown with Suzie and the near-dead Gwen. Despite firing a volley of bullets into Suzie, she still won't die, and the effect is not reversed. Finally Jack realises the glove too must be destroyed, which Tosh immediately does. As Suzie finally dies she whispers a final prophecy to Jack, no doubt one which will be returned to. Day saved by Torchwood once more!
But that was not all. As with "Countrycide" the very last scene was unconnected with the main story and again revealed (albeit so subtly that it was cryptic) that 2 of the team are shagging without any previous signposting to the audience. Since this was Jack and Ianto again it was 2 who seemed unlikely to be even friendly given events in "Cyberwoman". Ianto also appears to call Jack 'Sir' even in this context - rather kinky!
There's a few imperfections to the logic of Suzie's best laid plans and a big continuity concern when night turns suddenly to dawn near the end but I thought it was one of the best as well as one of the more adult in a grown-up way. There's also possible hints to the future with Suzie's last words and the late realisation that gloves come in pairs.

Screencaps courtesy of The Institute

Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Porn Star Peek 30

Challenging times ...

Sorry for my slight disappearance - I've had a challenging few days with transport-induced stress on Sunday and a conference at work (which I was chief arranger & gopher for) on Monday and Tuesday. As a team building exercise an unfortunate few of us were promised a hillwalk in the Pentlands over Monday lunch. I hadn't bargained for the 'hill' being the highest peak in the range - Carnethy Hill - which is 470m high and described as a steep ascent. About the only item of kit I had right was my boots, and I'd been drinking the night before. Not recommended. My camera's batteries wore out half way up Turnhouse Hill (and I knew just how the battery felt) but I have a handful of pics somewhere.

Also had to get through an Indian meal in the evening (I really don't do Indian, but my pleas were ignored). We packed a table of 12 in the Indian Cavalry Club and I had Chicken Kalari - OK apart from my accidentally chewing a green chilli - washed down with several stubbies of Strongbow (I also don't do beer or lager) . Must be a top place - First Minister Jack McConnell was dining at an adjacent table.

I think my troubles (with Stagecoach buses) on Sunday may yet deserve a post of its own and a letter of complaint.

Also, my "Torchwood" review will be late because of my misadventures on that day, and my going to see "Casino Royale" tonight.

Thursday, 23 November 2006

Those Sean Lamont pics!

This is Sean as rugby fans are used to seeing him ...

... and these are not! Sorry, I can't give you the full glory of the second shot (I now see why 'The Sun' censored it last week) but it is on the Dieux du Stade calendar for 2007 or peek at
which is where I've happened upon them.

Apologies for taking so long!

Thanks to scott-o-rama I've found a third pic I think I can just get away with ...

Monday, 20 November 2006

Torchwood - "Countrycide" 8/10

I suspect the Welsh Tourist Board aren't quite as pleased with this episode.

I actually don't have much to say about this one - it was a competent and engaging stab at the horror genre, openly borrowing from more familiar films. The big problem here was the complete lack of explanation. No natural, supernatural or extra-terrestrial reasons were given for the curiously once-a-decade cannibals. The situation 'just was'. Surely the murder reports would have shown up every 10 years too? The reason for taking the whole gang to the Brecon Beacons was very ropey - "oh dear, maybe this is the rift widening its effects".Their so-not-Top-Secret SUV was swiped far to easily, as were their comms - Jack normally has that Bluetooth headset welded to his head. Equally, though I was amused by the scene, what need was there for the cannibal-in-chief (Owen Teale guesting) to feel up both Tosh and Ianto (earning a head-butt from the latter) ?

At least Tosh was given an equal share of the action this week, and appears to be the featured character next time. There was also a good nod of continuity to events in "Cyberwoman" which is only to be encouraged. Probably the major event of "Countrycide" was the sudden ramping up of the relationship between Gwen and Owen - now very definitely consensual and physical - in a surprise last scene.

Screencaps courtesy of The Institute

Porn Star Peek 28

Thursday, 16 November 2006

Frank Sidebottom!

Apparently one of my erstwhile icons is on the comeback trail and will be on Channel M at the weekend. Just a pity I don't get that on Freeview.

For the uninitiated, here's a small (and very blurry) taste, curtesy of YouTube

Torchwood - "Small Worlds" 9/10

There's been much anticipation of this "Torchwood" episode - possibly equal to that for the series as a whole. The reason is the author - P (Peter) J Hammond, creator of "Sapphire & Steel" for ITV in the late 70s - for whom this was a return to the genre. As many of the paranormal themes were repeated here I'm sure the devotees weren't too disappointed. I couldn't fault the themes and plot in general but a few niggles again deny "Small Worlds" a perfect 10 (one would be the boring title itself). Mainly this was the pedestrian/cliche direction by Alice Troughton (no relation to DW#2) but some things were also left unexplained. Whether the latter is down to Hammond or the script-editor I know not.
Though it was definitely another non-ensemble piece, I'm forgiving it for letting Captain Jack take centre-stage, making him a tad more sympathetic and revealing further exploits in his past. Gwen's prominence was undeserved, especially the fairies' arbitrary trashing of her flat - why? Equally why were the two schoolgirl bullies NOT killed by the nasty fairies, as they appeared to be the most prominent and everyday threat to their 'chosen one', Jasmine. All they got, literally, was the wind put up them. Contrast with Jack's wartime sweetheart being cruelly drowned by rain in her own garden, despite being sympathetic to what she felt were benign beings. Does not compute.

All of the above aside, it was a cracking episode. I loved the idea not only that the murderous baddies here were that childhood favourite - fairies - but that they were revealed to be spirited-away children themselves. And for me it was a bonus that these were not alien invaders but ancient forces at work across linear time. Also appreciated touches like their calling card often being a mouthful of rose petals stuffed into their victims mouth - especially memorable during their first attack on a lurking paedophile as he chokes and vomits through Cardiff's indoor market. Quite how Jack had a convenient nightmare of his prior 'fairy' experience in 1906 Lahore and then finding a single rose petal left on his desk is a bit more mysterious.

Good dual design on the CGI fairies, keeping some similarity between the dainty white ones and the 'winged Gollum' attack versions. And creepy use of the fluttering wings sound - subtle but effective.

Best for me was the climax. In two ways it was reminiscent of the resolution to last week's very different episode. Both had a member of the team making a painful decision, and in both cases a loved one was 'given up'. Unlike last week though this equally correct decision looked anything but as the sacrifice was the little schoolgirl Jasmine. Ultimately both Lisa and Jasmine were already on the dark side when we first meet them, even if neither are fully there. More intriguing is that Jasmine and her band of element-wielding 'hoodies' are still out there fully charged. Will this be followed up? Will Jack's decision to follow Jasmine's wishes be repaid?

A little worried about the deja-vu feeling of Hammer Horror yokels I got from the trailer for next week's episode - a pity as it's my favourite title so far - "Countrycide".

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