Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Doctor Who at Christmas

Three "Doctor Who" related programmes air over the festive season on BBC One, as related in detail here -

As well as "The Runaway Bride" at 7 on Christmas Day, there is a 1 hour "Doctor Who Confidential" (entitled "Music & Monsters") at 1pm, presumably focussing on Murray Gold and the recent "Children in Need" concert in Cardiff. And on the afternoon of New Years' Day we have a further hour with "The Sarah Jane Adventures: Invasion of the Bane", the promised pilot of the CBBC spin-off starring Lis Sladen and Samantha Bond.

Meanwhile the last 3 eps of "Torchwood" on BBC3 are apparently slightly re-jigged. Ep 11 airs half an hour early on Christmas Eve at 9.30pm, while the last 2 episodes air consecutively the same night, again at 9.30pm, but on New Years' Day rather than New Years' Eve. Probably wise.

Incedentally, for the umpteenth time this year "Doctor Who" gets the cover of the "Radio Times" - the issue that goes on sale today for the week of 16-22 December.
PS - There's another "Doctor Who" version of "The Weakest Link" coming up (filmed in November) but I don't know if that's part of the festive schedules. Unlike the previous one it appears more 'new series star'-oriented.

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