Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Food Products of the Year

It may seem unlikely but this post has been the most pre-planned that I can remember.

Basically I'm acknowledging the foodstuffs that have made my year one way or another. I can only really 'point' to prepackaged stuff though.

Most Indiscreet Post of the Year ..

I just wish to thank the barmen at the Seven Kings, the checkout boys at the wee Asda in Dunfermline (especially Marc, Craig, Grant, the foxy red-haired guy who looked at me funny today, and the cute beardy guy who is like the Fleet Foxes do gay porn), my horny pharmacist and the ParcelForce lad who delivers to work for giving me so many sexual fantasies that I'm ultimately never going to see happen.

Well, at least I've admired your VPL ..

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

The Christmas Presents

Outgoing ...

Incoming ...

Did I get a good deal?

Monday, 29 December 2008

Fightplace: Battling Workman’s Overalls (Preview Clip)

I thought I'd feature this odd piece of homo-eroticism for those like me who are into rip'n'strip wrestling. A German company specialises in this kind of stuff, though it sadly does not go all the way.

All their previews are posted on Dailymotion, and here's the one for this title:

Behold the Blidget ! (and other housekeeping notes)

I've created a "Blidget"on Widgetbox so you can have a mini-feed of me wherever you want to pop it in! It automatically updates - see the one I've used for "Hunk du Jour" on the sidepanel - and can be widened and customised in various ways. You can also build one for your own blogs.

Here's the code for mine:

You may also have noticed I've been tweaking the format further and have added and subtracted a few things. Most obvious, but with gormless timing (missing Christmas and with a September birthday) I've found I can host my Amazon Wishlist here as another widget. It's auto-updated whenever I add something new, but they're not in price order or order of preference, just the ten latest additions. Feel free to buy for yourself there if something tickles your fancy - I've set up as an affiliate so I'll get something from that too!

The Blog List has been pruned of any blogs that hadn't updated in over a month, however I've noticed it has a glitch which sometimes links to the wrong blog on the list, so be careful and double check where you're going!

And you may be glad to know that my New Year's Resolution is to spend more time on posting stuff here in 2009. Now that I have my 'new new' camera I can do photos again (as you are about to see).

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Arthurian Totty - Bradley James & Colin Morgan

I did mean to put this post up before season one of "Merlin" ended a fortnight ago, so apologies for the delay.

(There is a bit more of Bradley than Colin I'm afraid.)

Above is the official 'wallpaper' pic of Bradley as Arthur, and below are some screenshots that show off one of his best assets ;-)

Next up are two shots of Bradley in a pre-"Merlin" role (an episode of "Lewis") exposing his lovely torso

Finally Colin shows us his corresponding bits in further "Merlin" screenshots.

And as a camp Colin bonus here's him quite recently in the live celebrity panto from "The Paul O'Grady Show". He's got a mute role as a cat, but does speak as himself in the end.

And then there was his part in last Christmas's "Catherine Tate Show". The presents sketch got loads of complaints, so be warned...

Particular thanks to the excellent fansite

Friday, 26 December 2008

Eartha Kitt (1927-2008) - Video Tribute

The great lady passed away on Christmas Day. Here's some choice Eartha ...

Firstly, the most appropriate one for the season, though rather sad considering the date of her death - "Santa Baby" from 1953 (with added drag)

Here's another of her trademark songs, "Just An Old Fashioned Girl", performed in 1962

We then jump to her 1980s re-invention as a gay icon. First with comeback hit "Where Is My Man", which I was lucky enough to see her perform live in late 1983 at Fire Island in Edinburgh. This one is audio only, but is the original mix.

Here's two very gay friendly videos for subsequent singles "I Love Men" and "I Don't Care"...

And finally, Eartha teamed up with Bronski Beat in 1989 for Cha Cha Heels...

Ten Doctors Elf Disco

Some festive silliness from the great Babel

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Glad Tie-dings everyone !

For those celebrating the day, a little festive twist!

(And I have changed the layout, as forewarned, this morning)

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Raveonettes - Christmas Song

Thanks to the Dobbies adverts I've fallen in love with this. It joins a remarkably short list of street cred Christmas songs.

Goodbye Ning and Goodbye Layout

Double trouble for the blog has occurred in the past week or two.

First Ning is taking all the adult groups away as of the end of this year, so all my previous embed links to them will vanish in 2009. Sorry, nothing I can do.

And secondly, YouTube has followed the BBC in making all its embedded video widescreen (even though most of the content isn't!). So again I have to reconsider the formatting which at present doesn't quite stretch to the bigger size. If my blog fits your screen fine at present (with no blank space at the sides) then a wider template is equally going to be to big for your screen - sorry. You'll have to tweak at your end.

A Very Doctor Who Christmas

Just found this newesrst masterpiece by Babel, and with only a fortnight to go to the big day, I thought this would start my personal countdown!

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Time for another Doctor Who Radio Times Cover

A week earlier than has been usual in recent years, this is the one which appeared yesterday as the first of the 'early release' issues ahead of the 2-week festive issue (out on 6 December).

Its obviously a composite of half a dozen photos but impressive none the less!

Inside there's a set report featuring interviews with the two Doctors/Davids. Whoniverse bonus is a feature on the return of the Brigadier in "The Sarah Jane Adventures" finale story.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Children in Need Picks of 2008

Surprise pick of the night (both for being part of the BBC Scotland opt-out and for being SNP related) was our First Minister Alex Salmond recreating the Rev I M Jolly in this excellently delivered monologue. Not as good as the late Rikki Fulton original, but who is ever going to be. A missed vocation for Alex?

The Walford mob gave it their all for this tribute to the West End musicals. Patsy Palmer, John Partridge and Laurie Brett are particularly good. Several of the cast were also answering phones on the night at the BT Tower

The "Doctor Who" insert seemed to disappoint many people, who apparently expected something standalone, but this was as promised - literally the pre-credit sequence for next month's Christmas Day Special, "The Next Doctor". As such it did what it said on the tin. Strangely though, they gave away more clips on the Six O'Clock News!

It's never too late to donate ...

Thursday, 6 November 2008

2 favourite current tracks

Tom Jones "If He Should Ever Leave You" (Includes live performance on "Canadian Idol")

Alesha Dixon "The Boy Does Nothing" (performance with the professional dancers from "Strictly Come Dancing" last month)

No comment necessary

(Seal: "A Change Is Gonna Come")

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Goodbye David

I know I've been slack again lately (I may yet go into the possible reasons why) but I couldn't let last night's surprise announcement go by unmarked.
David Tennant used his live award acceptance speech at the National Television Awards last night to confirm he was leaving the "Doctor Who" role after the 2009 specials.
So technically it's not goodbye until Christmas 2009 (or perhaps New Year 2010).
He'll be a hard act to follow - for many he IS the Doctor, though I wouldn't go quite that far.
Speculation has been feverish about who'll be the 11th Doctor - might it even be 'The Next Doctor" - David Morrissey - or is that a red herring in a bluff or whatever tease RTD has in mind?
Of the names I've seen paraded on the forums I favour Julian Rhind-Tutt, last spotted as baddie of the week in "Merlin" last Saturday but best known for "Green Wing" and the Barclaycard ads.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Boyzone x 3 - Love You Anyway

This post is dedicated to Lee and Nigel.

First up is the official video for their comeback single, which entered the top ten singles last Sunday. Really like the sound of this - as many have pointed out it has a 'glam rock' vibe, specifically Wizzard I think.

Next the band are introduced by Joan Rivers and Vernon Kay on ITV's "For One Night Only" in mid-September. Atmospheric live performance for an enthusiastic audience.

And I just HAD to include this slashy slant, featuring mucho Captain Jack/Ianto liplocking.

The Economic Crisis Hits Home

While I was back at Meldrum Court I felt the chill of the economic downturn. Though I've been vaguely aware that it's been difficult to bag a loaf of bread for under a pound over the course of the last year, this example really hit home.

One day I was able to buy my litre bottle of "Diamond White" from the local corner shop for the usual £2.49 it's been for more years than I can accurately recall. The next day, the same product was marked up as £2.75!!!! Both are less than Asda obliges me to pay (it's gone up there to £2.98) but that's still an overnight increase of more than 10%.

One consolation is that the 500ml cans of the stuff are still going for the usual 79p there, but other locals have them at 85p. Asda have the 440ml cans at a ridiculous £1.83 per can. There's no point buying less than 4 there.

The Lost Month

Much apologies for those who thought I'd died (though you'd obviously missed my additions on the right) which I don't really have any great excuse for. Probably wound down a bit too much on my two weeks leave in September, which was immediately followed by an uneventful 44th birthday and the start of 3 weeks of Dad-sitting at Meldrum Court, where I squatted in my youngest nephews room while he and the rest of the clan holidayed in Orlando.

But today I'm back at the flat and thought I'd make amends, though I almost posted last weekend (but my wi-fi dongle ran out of credit).

Aberdour Road, Sunday 5 October (note insect swarms under the trees)
Most of my free time online was spent downloading porn from or downloading tracks and podcasts from iTunes. I've only started an iTunes account as from last month so I've got a bit of catching up to do.

I've also bought a new mobile handset - a Motorola W377. It's the first one I've had with FM radio on it. It was technically only £25, but the Carphone Warehouse deal insisted on £20 credit on a new number, so it was £45 on the day. Thus I'm on two numbers currently while I 'drain' the £20 credit from the new number in the new handset. I'll return to my usual number when that's done, and put the old SIM in the new phone. Bit awkward though.

My three handsets. One Samsung (currently in use with my 'old' number but out of credit for outgoing calls), and two Motorolas. The middle one is my handset before last, but it developed a speaker fault in the spring - rather fatal for voice calls. The new handset (currently running on a new SIM and number until the £20 credit runs out) is the bottom right one.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

My Media

A while back I was going to call it 'my fave TV'and confine myself to brief reviews and previews of TV I'd watched or was looking forward to. Things that would be too short for an entry of their own. But I don't want to limit myself to TV as I do (very occasionally) get out to the cinema and listen to the odd radio programme or read a book. I've even subscribed to my first podcast on iTunes recently - Media Talk from The Guardian, which I loved.

So it's going to be "My Media" - boring and unoriginal but flexible and future-proof I think.


First up was "Lost in Austen" on ITV last Wednesday. Unusually, this got the prize "Radio Times" cover to usher in the Autumn season - though it's not quite a period drama. It's "Pride and Prejudice" (whose characters populate it) meets "Bridget Jones Diary" meets " Life on Mars". The latter two comparisons come from the fact that the protaganist Amanda Price (Jemima Rooper) is an unsatisfied singelton and that she falls through to another time period largely of her own imagining, namely the world of P&P. There's also the merest hint of some sort of battle in Amanda's head between her reality and her fantasy which she may or may not resolve. Like Austen, much is played as a comedy of manners, but bringing in contemporary angles via Amanda's difficulties in adapting and/or believing (which are not dissimilar to Sam Tyler's). Given the tone of the first episode it would not surprise me if there will be much hilarity with a condom at some point - I know Amanda accidentally blurts out a swear word then has to pretend it's the name of a card game. Unlike "Life On Mars" and "Ashes to Ashes" the traveller here does not arrogantly assume their actions affect the known future, they merely affect the destiny of these Austen characters - mainly that Mr Darcy will fall for an even more fiesty, independent and modern woman than Lizzie Bennett. Lizzie Bennett, after all, is stuck in Hammersmith 2008.


Or actually just a complilation of performances on the BBC from selected bands. And selected times too - it was very obvious where the preferences of the compliler lay. I can let it off starting in 1964, though there must have been some Mancunian element before then. No, it was the two big gaps in the timeline. First it jumped from 1967 to 1973 where 10cc and then Sweet Sensation gave two of the few actual 'pop' performances in colour here. Even more glaring was jumping from the Charlatans' "North Country Boy' in 1997 to the Ting Tings with "That's Not My Name' from this spring. Again, I'm VERY sure there were Mancunian bands and artists doing well inbetweentimes. This really wanted to focus on the punk/new wave era and then Madchester and it's spawn. Fine enough, but that wasn't on the label. Apart from that an enjoyable trip down memory lane as I happen to be OK with the selections. BBC4 last Friday.


I missed last year's debut event held in London and won by Finland. Mainly I was depressed that the punter voting went down to the same regional blocs as the song contest. Glasgow put on a good show though with a glamourous set and some sunny weather for the inserts. My fancies were toward the Swedish and Danish guys but it was a deserved win for the Polish couple.


Sunday, BBC1. This was half good and half boring. The crew were obviously trying to fill an hour though. Unlike some of the Michael Palin escapades there seemed to be an imperative to cross Norway as slowly as possible. Not wise unless you're on a TV budget - Norway has always been notoriously expensive. Joanna kept going on about this childhood book that had first inspired her to see the Northern Lights. That was OK first time but we didn't need it with everyone she met. The interesting bits were with the reindeer herd, the ice hotel, and the bit when she finally experienced the "Northern Lights' first hand. I am truly hoping no CGI was at work there, but it looked fabulous.

Monday, 8 September 2008

John Barrowman & Daniel Boys - I Know Him So Well

Heard this first on Elaine Paige's showtunes R2 show yesterday, without catching who the duet was, and loved the gay twist on the idea. The fact that it turns out to be performed by two of the country's best loved/lusted after gay performers will probably do it no harm. I know I tuned out of "Any Dream Will Do" after Daniel was booted - luckily he landed on his feet and JB has obviously been watching out for him too.

Sadly this track will probably not be out properly until 24 November, as a track on Barrowman's new album, "Music, Music, Music".

The YouTube audio is from a performance at Bryn Terfel's Faenol Festival last month. I'm embedding an audio version. There is a video version taken simultaneously, but once seen you'll see why I kept with this one.

I'll leave you to guess which one's Barbara and which one's Elaine ...

PS "Torchwood" fans who don't already know may want to be aware that Captain Jack (plus Gwen and Ianto and Martha) are briefly back in action this Wednesday as part of "Big Bang Day" on BBC Radio 4. Lucy Montgomery from "TittyBangBang" aptly co-stars in the one-off play "Lost Souls" by Joseph Lidster. "Big Bang Day" is not one of JB's filthier ideas but connected to a series of R4 programmes that day to commemorate the switching on of the CERN particle accelerator, which some doomsayers will end the world. We shall see.

Whither the noughties?

What about this decade then? I wanted to draw to your attention that there less than 16 months of it left! And what did YOU call the decade? More pressingly it's high time we got thinking about naming the next one - that's going to be even more tricky ...

Retro Failure

Having missed two weekends of scheduled retro blasts I'm now going to have to play catch up with them too - they'll still be backdated to when they should first have appeared so hopefully the fuck up won't be so noticeable in hindsight. No puns were intended there, but they crept in naturally ;-)

So stand by for 1975, 1987 then (hopefully on schedule this coming weekend) 1966.

My Odd Week

Sorry for my absence from front of stage here at TWFH for all of September so far.

Basically, I had an odd week or so in which I lumbered between being either blind drunk, in sleepless hot sweats, attached to the toilet seat, not eating for days, furiously productive and being in an uncharacteristic state of high anxiety. In fact I think the latter was what they call an anxiety attack and may be connected to all the former states. Also, a looming two weeks of leave from work put the pressure on further. That's surely a sign of the times.

The leave started today. Truly, as I went in to work to finish catching up with the workload yesterday. That was a first, as was leaving home at 5.40am on Friday and finishing there at 7.30pm (not that it was weather to be out in of course). And I'd been in on Thursday until 8.30pm. You may have guessed this was the furiously productive bit, and you'd be right. On top of this I'd used my trusty wifi to do work on the bus and even in the Seven Kings pub. Dutiful or what?

I think I've put it all right as of the weekend, though I had another nasty bout of tummy trouble on Saturday morning around 3.45am. This was a relative lie-in from the previous night when I awoke in a sweat at 1.45am and couldn't get back off to nod - the dreams I was getting were feverish gobbledigook anyway.

So I probably deserve the hols now, but I had to cancel a planned trip to London next weekend because of all the above plus cash considerations to do with fares.

But I'm back at the keys and pleased to report a smashing day of sunshine here in Dunfermline - not that I've been out in it yet. Shall be soon as I have a regular blood INR check with Steven - my stern but yummy pharmacist. Then I shall probably pop to the Seven Kings before any live footy threatens and do some non-work wifi. Either that or nip home for "Come Dine With Me" on C4+1.

Friday, 29 August 2008

More Mark Foster tottyness!

Thanks to the Digital Spy posters and the ever reliable Age Appropriate Blog (whose owner is rather tasty too) for flagging up these pics of Mark for Cosmopolitan magazine. Don't know why my furious Googling yesterday didn't turn them up. Drool mode on.

Incedentally Mark has an updated photo gallery on his website

BBC's "Merlin" trailer

Just a day after we had our Strictly 2008 line-up revealed, the BBC has released a (cinema) trailer for the other Saturday night biggy, "Merlin". Strictly Come Dancing starts in earnest on my birthday - 20 September - so let's hope this does too.

Looks a lot more promising than "Robin Hood" which I quickly gave up on. Colin Morgan looks pretty cute despite the haircut and big ears, and so does the actor playing Arthur.

Strange search and landing combos ...

I know I'm not the only blogger to be perplexed by how people find me, but some of yesterday's crop had such bizarre combinations of search terms and landing sites I thought I'd share some of them.

28 Aug

searched on tavish scott is a c**t

landed at /2006/11/those-sean-lamont-pics.html

28 Aug
searched on sexy carole kirkwood

landed at /2006/06/nationalism-v-pluralism.html

28 Aug
searched on bailey morgan

landed at /2008/05/in-night-garden.html

28 Aug

searched on exxxposedguys claudio santamaria

landed at /2008/04/doctor-who-fires-of-pompeii-preview.html

I really don't know how these search sites operate.

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Strictly Totty - Mark Foster

I'm a little disappointed that the next series of "Strictly Come Dancing" is rather low on male totty - the only one I go for is 'veteran' swimmer Mark Foster, last seen at the Beijing Olympics, where he held the Team GB flag in the opening ceremony a mere 20 days ago.

Anyway, we've got no less than three ex-Eastenders too and that woman from "The One Show" out to raise her profile. Official preview clip below, taken at the shoot for the opening titles (hence the green screen).

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Was it something I said ?

I'm a bit perplexed by my visitor stats of late. I thought it was the Olympics stealing away my readers but now that's over and the slump isn't (the dip around 17 Aug was self-inflicted when I changed the blog template and temporarily switched off the counter).
Up until this month, my stats recorderded around 800-1000ish page loads per day regularly - now it's half that! My returning visitor counts is also down. What happened folks?

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Retro Blast - Week Ending 28 August 1993

It's 15 years ago now, and my fave show of the year debuted here on Sky One this month - Deep Space 9. I remember this kicking off my Sunday nights followed by a pint or two at the World's End pub in Finsbury Park, admiring the Australian barmen.

Sean Maguire is the totty pick. He appeared as Aidan Brosnan in "Eastenders" from January to December 1993, narrowly missing a Christmas Day demise. Sean later went on to star in "Dangerfield" and "Sunburn" here before gaining stateside credits in "The Class" and fronting "Meet the Spartans". Least said about the pop career the better ...

Apache Indian's "Boom Shack-a Lak" ended up as my favourite track of the year, even though he has since suffered the humiliation of a "Never Mind the Buzzcocks" line-up. This week the parent EP was at No6.

Departing the top spot for No2 was Freddie Mercury with a posthumous hit - Living On My Own.

Culture Beat had toppled the Queen frontman with this dance hit - Mr Vain.

4 Non-Blondes featuring songwriter Linda Perry dropped to No9.

Billy Joel enjoyed something of a comeback with "River of Dreams" - this week down to No5.

Friday, 22 August 2008

Golfer Totty -Patrick Moure - ADULTS ONLY!

My tennis-themed post with Gregory Yuri in June has not left my top 10 most popular list so here's another Brazilian beauty, baring this time on the golf course. Enjoy.

Find more videos like this on Male Strippers and Male Solos

Monday, 18 August 2008

The 'Naughty' Blog and other housekeeping notes ...

Unless you're reading this on a feed you can't help but have notice I've changed the formatting on the site again. Should be stable for a while now as it achieves the compromises I wanted. I had to go outwith Blogger for the template and it was a bit fiddly but I rather like it. It works best on Firefox and Safari - looks a bit odd in Internet Explorer from what I've seen.

Some people have noted that the 'naughty' blog had gone - it hasn't but it will. The link just moved from the topmost part of the page but still remains lower right (now in black). However, I'm putting in far too much effort for, frankly, zero feedback and I'll probably stop updating from the end of this month. All is not lost though as the latest posts from ALL the blogs I subscribe to on Google reader are now in a similar panel, in the near right column. Note that this means I haven't picked the posts that appear specially, so beware what you might see. All these posts now come with a credit for whichever blog they appear in.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Retro Blast - Week Ending 24 August 2002

Seeing as we're not travelling back far this weekend (a mere SIX years), here's a spot of double-retro by way of the cameo strewn opening to the third Austin Powers film, "Goldmember" which was on release this week in 2002.

The Sugababes dislodged Darius' Colourblind and enjoyed a solitary week at No1 with this, but it was my fave track of the year - Round Round. It was written by no less than 12 people (including the girls themselves)! Just who toppled them from the top will be revealed when I put up the Retro Totty for 2002 ...

slipped to 13 with In My Place but the source album it preceded, A Rush of Cold Blood to the Head was released the following week and immediately topped the album chart.

Also falling - to 18 - this week in 2002 were Scooter with a cover of The Logical Song (aka Ramp!). I quite liked the novelty of this at the time, before this squeaky/thumping style became annoyingly dominant for the likes of Cascada and Basshunter, destined mainly for ringtone culture.

Dropping to no20 was Nelly with a suitably summery observation - Hot in Here - one of the ubiquitous background tracks of the year. Well, the lyrics do lend themselves to certain situations ...

In the album chart, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers remained at No1 with By The Way. The highest new entry was at no9 for Royksopp - Melody AM.

On your tellyboxes, the first revival of Crossroads was in it's last few breaths (before the second, desperately camp, revival in early 2003 really nailed the coffin lid shut). The titles are above for those of us who enjoyed this version the best.

Something else by the same name was about to do very rather well though.

Also of note was that we were between two high watermarks of reality TV. Big Brother 3 had ended the previous month and the housemates were enjoying their limited shelf life. This was the one that was won either by Kate Lawler or Jade Goody, depending on your perspective. But reality TV fans were just about to be tickled by the debut of "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here" - the first zelebs were flown out to Australia this week.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Camp Classics from August 1980

Camper than a row of tents this one - not released as a single, but one of my favourite numbers from the Village People movie, "Can't Stop the Music" which was in cinemas in August 1980. This is a rather overlong edit (I'd start at 2.20 mins) of "The Milkshake Song", featuring 'all-in-white' and kiddie versions of the band. Arlene Phillips choreographed the dance sequences.

Sliding dow the chart this week (at no20, having been at No1 earlier in the summer) was Olivia Newton John/Electric Light Orchestra with the theme to another 1980 musical, "Xanadu". Marvel at Gene Kelly on rollerskates!

Going in the other direction is Kelly Marie's "Feels Like I'm in Love", which rose to No16 this week but eventually topped the chart. I remember those backing dancers, who were always dressed even more ridiculously than Kelly herself. Remarkably, the song was originally earmarked for Elvis Presley, but he died before it could be recorded.

Another Scottish lass, Sheena Easton, rises to no3 with '9 to 5' - which infamously clashed in ethos with the rather more feminist "Modern Girl" which was about to rejoin this track in the same chart. Easton got very lucky with breaks after this, soon singing the next Bond theme then going on to star in "Miami Vice" and work with Prince.

I get the feeling jumpsuits and spandex were in that summer ...

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

School Daze - ADULTS ONLY!

Find more videos like this on G World - Mundo G

William Higgins did about five of these 'school' themed features a few years back. Like 'Airport Security' they seem to have died a death, but this is my favourite I think.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Retro Blast - Week Ending 16 August 1980

My totty of the week is Christopher Atkins (19 in this month) as we're between US and UK releases of "The Blue Lagoon". Atkins went on to follow a slightly stereotyped career, posing artistically nude for "Playgirl", filling out speedoes as 'Peeder' in the 1983/84 series of "Dallas" and as a student/male stripper in "A Night in Heaven". I recall he had a heart attack or suchlike on set of that and that's certainly when he started going below the radar. His role as "Ricky Rocket" did win him the dubious honour of a worst actor"Razzie".

A shedload of Chris scans at

Rock Hudson headed up the cast of "The Martian Chronicles" which had began it's 3 episode UK run on the 9th.

THE UK SINGLES CHART (click sleeves and/or track titles for extra YouTube videos)

Rising to no13 was The Pirahnas cover of "Tom Hark"

David Bowie is a new entry at No4 this week with the fantastic "Ashes to Ashes"

Up to no5 was Roxy Music with "Oh Yeah", from the "Flesh & Blood" album.

The Clash were making slow progress to no31 with "Bankrobber", one of my favourite tracks of the year.

The B-52s languished even further down at no61 with "Give Me Back My Man".
Main news item this week were the 'Solidarity' strikes in the Gdansk shipyards, organised by Lech Walesa, later to spread across Poland.
ADMIN NOTE: sorry this post has been so long drawn out and cack-handed - I still haven't sorted out the formatting to my satisfaction.

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