Monday, 8 September 2008

My Odd Week

Sorry for my absence from front of stage here at TWFH for all of September so far.

Basically, I had an odd week or so in which I lumbered between being either blind drunk, in sleepless hot sweats, attached to the toilet seat, not eating for days, furiously productive and being in an uncharacteristic state of high anxiety. In fact I think the latter was what they call an anxiety attack and may be connected to all the former states. Also, a looming two weeks of leave from work put the pressure on further. That's surely a sign of the times.

The leave started today. Truly, as I went in to work to finish catching up with the workload yesterday. That was a first, as was leaving home at 5.40am on Friday and finishing there at 7.30pm (not that it was weather to be out in of course). And I'd been in on Thursday until 8.30pm. You may have guessed this was the furiously productive bit, and you'd be right. On top of this I'd used my trusty wifi to do work on the bus and even in the Seven Kings pub. Dutiful or what?

I think I've put it all right as of the weekend, though I had another nasty bout of tummy trouble on Saturday morning around 3.45am. This was a relative lie-in from the previous night when I awoke in a sweat at 1.45am and couldn't get back off to nod - the dreams I was getting were feverish gobbledigook anyway.

So I probably deserve the hols now, but I had to cancel a planned trip to London next weekend because of all the above plus cash considerations to do with fares.

But I'm back at the keys and pleased to report a smashing day of sunshine here in Dunfermline - not that I've been out in it yet. Shall be soon as I have a regular blood INR check with Steven - my stern but yummy pharmacist. Then I shall probably pop to the Seven Kings before any live footy threatens and do some non-work wifi. Either that or nip home for "Come Dine With Me" on C4+1.

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