Monday, 8 September 2008

John Barrowman & Daniel Boys - I Know Him So Well

Heard this first on Elaine Paige's showtunes R2 show yesterday, without catching who the duet was, and loved the gay twist on the idea. The fact that it turns out to be performed by two of the country's best loved/lusted after gay performers will probably do it no harm. I know I tuned out of "Any Dream Will Do" after Daniel was booted - luckily he landed on his feet and JB has obviously been watching out for him too.

Sadly this track will probably not be out properly until 24 November, as a track on Barrowman's new album, "Music, Music, Music".

The YouTube audio is from a performance at Bryn Terfel's Faenol Festival last month. I'm embedding an audio version. There is a video version taken simultaneously, but once seen you'll see why I kept with this one.

I'll leave you to guess which one's Barbara and which one's Elaine ...

PS "Torchwood" fans who don't already know may want to be aware that Captain Jack (plus Gwen and Ianto and Martha) are briefly back in action this Wednesday as part of "Big Bang Day" on BBC Radio 4. Lucy Montgomery from "TittyBangBang" aptly co-stars in the one-off play "Lost Souls" by Joseph Lidster. "Big Bang Day" is not one of JB's filthier ideas but connected to a series of R4 programmes that day to commemorate the switching on of the CERN particle accelerator, which some doomsayers will end the world. We shall see.

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