Friday, 25 August 2006

Summer of Sportsmen 5 - Andy Roddick unzipped

Mr Roddick's concentration is slipping. Recently beaten by our own Andy (Murray) he turned up to an event earlier in the week without checking his flies ...

Wednesday, 23 August 2006

Porn Star Peek 22

Marco @
(the site owner has partially relented on the password protection)

TV Totty double - new arrivals this week

Above is an atypical pic (from the current "Radio Times") of Rob Kazinsky, who trod his first steps on Albert Square last night. Formerly of "Dream Team", he plays latest bad boy Sean Slater, and looked suitably smouldering on screen. Bradley and Al also caught my eye and, strangely, all three look a bit similar. I may be getting into soaps again as I managed to watch two different soaps ("Emmerdale" and "Eastenders") two nights running. Too early to tell properly.

A more pretty picture here

Starting tonight on Channel 4 is acclaimed US import "Sleeper Cell". Lead actor Michael Ealy is presented here in all his blue-eyed glory.

Back to School kit

This is from the Herald magazine's school fashion spread earlier this month. The schools went back here yesterday (and last week in Edinburgh). Sorry about the scan cutting off Rory in his prime - he was my fave too. Not sure I don't prefer uniforms though ...

Monday, 14 August 2006

Fringe Sunday in Edinburgh - Novarasa photos

These are some of the pics I took on the Royal Mile of the highly distracting Novarasa troupe. They hail from the Ukraine, supported by musicians from Italy, and perform a mix of martial arts, pantomime and acrobatic dance. They've no website but can be seen at the Hill St Theatre (Venue 41) from 17-28 August.

Saturday, 12 August 2006

Porn Star Peek 20

Jason Kingsley @

A blast from the mid-80s:
Kurt Marshall @

NB - since I chose this the caediii site has been password protected so I shan't post anymore from there - I expect the traffic I was generating from here may have been partly responsible.

You need to ask the owner for the password (worked for me).

Big Brother 7 - the final week, the fatal twist

I know I was going to revisit the 'new' housemates before now, but frankly that's where the rot started from for me. For instance, I went " Well he-llo" when Michael first appeared in the House Next Door, yet he turned out a self-obsessed weirdo in no time. And Endemol hadn't checked the basics of this 'secret' twist ie soundproofing. The first 'evictee' from the HND - Jayne - broke every rule going and was 'punished' by having all the other housemates EXCEPT her put up for eviction. Notably this was the week that histrionic Nikki got the boot. It seems that wasn't in the inept production team plot.

Suddenly in the last couple of weeks the show has imploded. It is SO OBVIOUSLY being planned on the hoof and the viewers are SO OBVIOUSLY being desperately manipulated and duped in a way we only expect the housemates to be. The twist of 4 evictees going back in the HND was fine on the surface as it happened with Jon in BB4 and Kinga last year. However, they were single re-entries unable to let on to anyone about the outside world or how still imprisoned HMs were coming over. Not only could the 4 bitch and point at the 'proper' HMs, BB compounded this contamination of the concept by having the 2 eviction nominees last week join them in the HND. Just not on.

But the evil cherry on the top was the fact that the 'proper' HMs left after Friday's eviction (Pete, Aisleyne, Richard, Glyn, Jennie) would pick one of the 4 evictees to join them for the final week, and that the person picked would be eligible to WIN. That is so not on it's off the scale.

The whole concept is that BB is directed by viewers, while we knowingly accept HMs are manipulated by the show. This steps over the line as it treats viewers (let alone paying voters) as if they were HMs too. We pay for the show - we don't get duped and made to follow a prepared script.

"Big Brother" has jumped the shark with this year's production team. I will check in next year, but if the pattern re-emerges they've lost me and I doubt I'm the only one.

BTW I am currently wanting Aisleyne to win.

Glasgow Tattoo Pics etc

I initially thought this lot were a Canadian military combo (the flags were ruffling rather wildly in my defence) but they're neither. In fact these fine specimens are fom the "Top Secret Drum Corps" formed in Switzerland as late as 1990. They were the first ever Swiss act to perform at the Military Tattoo in 2003 and have returned this year. Love the socks ...

Thursday, 10 August 2006

Doctor Who - Series 3 filming begins

The BBC yesterday revealed the first 'in character' photos of The Doctor and new companion Martha Jones (a medical student apparently) as well as further guest star news. These guest stars will include Sarah Parish (David Tennant's ex), Don Gilet, Anne Reid and Roy Marsden. Parish is in fact the baddie in the Christmas special, which has already completed filming.

Wednesday, 9 August 2006

Porn Star Peek 19

Nathan @

Istvan @

Thursday, 3 August 2006

Summer of Sportsmen 3 - Scotland U19s

I've got rather better reasons for this choice as Scotland were runners up in the Under-19 version of the European Cup, losing 2-1 to Spain in the final last Saturday.

Don't ask me who they all are but Graham Dorrans seems rather easy on the eye there.

Summer of Sportsmen 2 - Alastair Cook

Looking dashing in his almost see-through cricket whites is England cricketer Alastair Cook, here pictured during last week's second test.

Attitude - Music Issue - August 2006

Not much in the way of true totty in this year's music issue but there's a major interview with the Scissor Sisters as they prepare to release their second album next month. There are actually a choice of covers a la "Radio Times" - one for each of the band. That's Jake Shears on my copy above.

Also featured is a rundown of the 50 gayest albums of all time, which is suspiciously topped by the aforementioned Scissor Sisters' debut album, just pipping Abba's "Arrival" and (unexpectedly) Morrissey's "Vauxhall and I". The picks were chosen (rather unscientifically I bet) by various major and minor glitterati and also include diverse acts such as Bette Midler and Bronski Beat.

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