Wednesday, 23 August 2006

TV Totty double - new arrivals this week

Above is an atypical pic (from the current "Radio Times") of Rob Kazinsky, who trod his first steps on Albert Square last night. Formerly of "Dream Team", he plays latest bad boy Sean Slater, and looked suitably smouldering on screen. Bradley and Al also caught my eye and, strangely, all three look a bit similar. I may be getting into soaps again as I managed to watch two different soaps ("Emmerdale" and "Eastenders") two nights running. Too early to tell properly.

A more pretty picture here

Starting tonight on Channel 4 is acclaimed US import "Sleeper Cell". Lead actor Michael Ealy is presented here in all his blue-eyed glory.


Anonymous said...

are all queer scotts lib dem voters?

stick to your own parliment

Graeme said...

But at least we can spell and keep to the topic in hand Mr 'Anonymous".

Such a magnetic personality you have there!

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