Saturday, 30 May 2009

Our House is Dadless - Kid British

Heard this on Wossy this morning. Can only find a live version on YouTube, but you get the vibe I'm sure. It's out as a single on 6 July.

From the forthcoming album "It was this or football"

This YouTube video may also appeal ;-)

Belated Meat Polls & Results!

You may have noticed I was a bit lazy this month (even though I had access to the net even on my week away) and forgot to set the "Meat to Please You" polls running or name the previous winner.

Well the winner of week 19 was D.O. Quite a winning margin, with double the votes of his nearest rivals in your affections. Those nearest rivals at joint second were Bo Dean and "Red Shoes" at 20% each. Fourth and fifth were Edi Santos and Rony Faria respectively. No one voted for Jarda Chaykin so he's in sixth and last place.

Anyhow, I'm going to have to do three polls at once this week (see right) - all will close at midnight BST on Friday 5 June. So remember you need to vote once on each poll - have fun!

Meat to Please You - Dave Dekker - ADULTS ONLY

Sorry, but this is about the only image I can put up here.

New Torchwood Season 3 trailer from BBC America

Not sure what's happening with UK broadcast - the press office has put out the blurb for the expected week (13-19 June) but "Torchwood" is absent, while BBC America here is saying July. I'm confused.

Friday, 29 May 2009

New Doctor Who Companion, Karen Gillan revealed!

Rather out of the blue this lunchtime, the BBC announced the actress who will be playing the next companion in the TARDIS ... but only that. Steven Moffat is quoted in the press release saying "We saw some amazing actresses for this part, but when Karen came through the door the game was up. Funny, and clever, and gorgeous, and sexy. Or Scottish, which is the quick way of saying it"

Karen hails from Inverness apparently, and went to Telford College in Edinburgh. Like Freema Agyeman she has already popped up briefly in the series before landing the companion part - as a Soothsayer in "The Fires of Pompeii".

Maybe we'll get a bit of info on her character's name and background soon-ish - perhaps when she and Matt Smith get the 'in-costume' press call at the start of filming the new series?

Meat to Please You - Levi Poulter - ADULTS ONLY

Monday, 25 May 2009

The latest explosion/set redesign excuse for "Eastenders"

It's another showcase week for the pyrotechnics crew on "Eastenders" next week, as Nasty Nick's latest comeback storyline comes to a climax which allows for a long-overdue revamp of the cafe set, apparently destined to become a retro diner when repaired. The explosive incident appears to be instigated by yet another out-of-control vehicle in Albert Square, mere weeks after Danielle copped in a classic tearjerker of an RTA. This set-piece is also rumoured to be fatal for one of the characters trapped inside the 'caff- it's not Bradley, but he's certainly injured. Judging by who seem to be in there and don't subsequently appear as a gasping spectator, I'd say Jane or Heather may be in line for some hospital food, but I can't guess at any headstone names. Who's the one behind Bradley in the denim jacket?

Pics via unrealitytv primetime blog

Meat to Please You - Bruce Beckham - ADULTS ONLY

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Tormented Totty - Alex Pettyfer (again)

Blonde bombshell Alex Pettyfer is back in "Tormented". This time tables are turned for the former Tom Brown, as he's a vicious school bully who (I'm 100% sure) comes to a sticky end at the hands of a zombie-fied victim. From what I've seen and heard though, not sure this is a must-see.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Meat to Please You - Francois - ADULTS ONLY

Wrap for Ten (and other "Doctor Who" stuff)

The real-time final seal was set on the end of David Tennant's reign as the 10th Doctor sometime this morning, as the Cardiff wrap party for the story forming the last two 2009 specials staggered to a close (I imagine). The finale has taken two months of filming and with the specials also marking Russell T Davies' last work on the parent show, it appears to have been a big do, and the likes of DWM editor Tom Spilsbury, composer Murray Gold and ITV-exiled writer Chris Chibnall confirming their attendance via Twitter. No doubt everyone who'd help make the whole franchise such a success over the last 5 years had an invite (maybe even Eccles turned up? - if so, I want a polaroid/twitpic of him, David and Matt as a new 'three doctors' - can Ben Cook be relied upon?)

Coincidentally the DWM stable also released their latest special last week, as well as revealing the cover for the forthcoming regular issue (out on Thursday 28th). With £6.99 of your new pence I bought the former while on my hols, and am proud to report I've read all 148 pages. The special, pictured above, picks out 200 'golden moments, one from each transmitted story up to Easter 2009. Though actually that's not true - even totting up the TV canon as a neat 200 tally is open to question, as everyone freely admits. Also some 20 stories (not completely guessable BTW) are granted the honour of more than one golden moment. I'm not too sure this concept comes off in the end, as we have writers obliged to sift for the 'gold' of "Time Flight" and "Fear Her" while the likes of "Web of Fear" and "Human Nature"/"Family of Blood" are restricted to one mere moment each. To complicate matters further, this exercise was already carried out by DWM in the 90s, so I think there may have been pressure to avoid the moments previously picked from the classic series' run. Some of the obvious choices remain though - the 'have I the right?' speech from "Genesis of the Daleks" for example - and many of the moments are cliffhangers or epic climaxes. But there's definitely a tendency throughout to go for unexpected quiet, even unspoken moments ("Planet of Giants"), and a few which occasionally seem contrary for the sake of it - look at those chosen for "Twin Dilemma" and "Attack of the Cybermen".

In anticipation of a wet/indoors holiday week last week, I'd also bought a discounted season one DVD of "Torchwood" (£18 in Dunfermline Asda) and then "The War Machines" (£8 in Oban WHSmith). For whatever reason, probably the same reason I didn't properly post here during the week, I never got past episode one of the Hartnell serial or a few of the "Torchwood" extras! Oh well, I'm sure summer will have more rainy days ...

Finally, a pic posted by the aforementioned Benjamin Cook marking one of his finale interviews from the "Doctor Who" set last week. It's a cute shot in many ways, and sort of signifies the peaceful co-existance of the programme's past heritage (Cribbins having starred in one of the 1960s movies as well as Wilf Mott) and its present and future (Cook is the star reporter on Doctor Who Magazine but is too young to remember the 'classic' run!)

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