Saturday, 9 May 2009

The Votes Are In! - weeks 17 & 18 of 2009

I have collated the results of you favourite 'meats' as displayed here between 20 April and 2 May.

In the first week, Bel Ami's Everett Anderson snatched the prize, followed by Ted Colunga, Vinicius Falsarella, Adam and then Kurt Rogers at 5th place. The poor Woodsman got no votes and came last.

Week 18's clear winner was Mark Murano. Runner-up was Carl Field, then a joint third of Drake Diamond and Shay and a joint fifth of Esteban and Jeremy Hall. No null points!

Don't think this will turn my head any time soon - the MTPY posts are scheduled right into September! (Maniacal laugh).

(The poll for last week's lovelies will appear around midday and will close at midnight BST in Friday 15th)

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