Monday, 25 May 2009

The latest explosion/set redesign excuse for "Eastenders"

It's another showcase week for the pyrotechnics crew on "Eastenders" next week, as Nasty Nick's latest comeback storyline comes to a climax which allows for a long-overdue revamp of the cafe set, apparently destined to become a retro diner when repaired. The explosive incident appears to be instigated by yet another out-of-control vehicle in Albert Square, mere weeks after Danielle copped in a classic tearjerker of an RTA. This set-piece is also rumoured to be fatal for one of the characters trapped inside the 'caff- it's not Bradley, but he's certainly injured. Judging by who seem to be in there and don't subsequently appear as a gasping spectator, I'd say Jane or Heather may be in line for some hospital food, but I can't guess at any headstone names. Who's the one behind Bradley in the denim jacket?

Pics via unrealitytv primetime blog

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