Friday, 29 April 2011

Meat to Please You - Jack Harrar - ADULTS ONLY!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Meat to Please You - Danny Starr - ADULTS ONLY!

Monday, 25 April 2011

Meat to Please You - Rafanuel Couto - ADULTS ONLY!

Strange name, sweet looking guy

Happy Easter 2011!

OK, so maybe I was supposed to say it yesterday, but only just found this pic ;)

Still had no choccy eggs myself this year (not even a creme egg), though that may just tempt me

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Sunday Joint - 24 April 2011 - ADULTS ONLY!

Sorry, I'm a bit overdue with smut this week

Here's Dylan Roberts & Rusty Stevens

Doctor Who - The Impossible Astronaut - 1st thoughts


Of course, in terms of ingredients it had a lot going for it even on paper. Location shoot in the Utah desert, another return for River Song, a really hugely scary new alien, more cinematic direction from Toby Haynes (his 4th consecutive story!) and SOMEONE DIES. Having had Doctor Who Magazine already whittle that down to either The Doctor, Amy, Rory or River Song even though strictly speaking three of them have already 'died' last series.

(spoilers from here on in)

And indeed they didn't lie, underlining it with a cremation and going for the most audacious of those options by killing off the Doctor himself! Though this is already not 'our' Doctor - this one is around 200 years older and appears to know his murderer (though we do not as it is the specesuited & helmeted astronaut of the title) and be somewhat expecting it. Presumably this version already knows what is about to unfold and has somehow come up with this 'solution' having invited his friends to witness it. This does not just spark off this year's story arc, but continues with The Silents/The Silence, who (unseen) seemed to be main suspects for last year's crack. And yet we don't know the meaning of 'The Silence Will Fall" and whether that is good or bad, but these skulls in suits don't seem a nice bunch at all. And of course there is the continuing mystery of River Song's identity and who she might have killed - and do we suspect we just saw that happen? And yet it appears at the climax of the episode that inside the spacesuit is a little girl, or is it? And has Amy just shot her dead? And will it turn out to be her child, and will that child also be River Song? And why did Amy have to reveal she was pregnant at that specific point? And why is the not-quite TARDIS console from "The Lodger" connected? And how much does 'our' younger Doctor already know, despite Amy, Rory and River vowing not to tell him they've already seen him die? And is/was anyone telling a big fat lie?

Rory, Amy, 2011 Canton & River observe the Doctor's funeral pyre

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

RIP Lis Sladen

I am still in bits and crying about this, so maybe not my best post but Sarah Jane Smith actress Elisabeth Sladen has unexpectedly died, aged 63, of cancer.

Truly she was the ultimate Doctor Who companion and played a huge part in many of our lives - I personally wanted to be a journalist when I was 10 just because of her role.

There are still episodes of "The Sarah Jane Adventures" to be screened, but I would expect this weekend's series opener to be dedicated to both Lis, and Nick Courtney, who also left us earlier this year. It's cruelly ironic that "Planet of the Spiders" was released this week on DVD, where Sarah and the Brigadier say goodbye to the third Doctor, Jon Pertwee. Now all three and producer Barry Letts are gone.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A couple of fave tracks

Haven't posted music for a while, so here's a couple I'm currently enjoying

Me and Tennessee - Gwyneth Paltrow & Tim McGraw

Runaway Love - Alice Gold

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Meat to Please You - Patrick O'Brien - ADULTS ONLY!

Though this turn is for a US studio I am lead to believe Mr O'Brien hails from these shores and has paid his (solo) dues with most of the top producers here (one of which I will be posting later in the year).

EDIT: the Britishness of this model has since been confirmed to me via Twitter from his first porn employer (links to a preview video):

picturethisguys@cobaltmale Patrick O'Brian is indeed a true essex lad, and shot his first naked solo movie with us as Harrison Gray!

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