Thursday, 28 September 2006

Daniel Radcliffe et al on "Extras" BBC2 28/09/06

Just a heads up to say "Harry Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe heads a myriad of cameos in tonight's third episode of season 2.

Watch out for the scene with the young sir, a condom and Dame Diana Rigg apparently ...

David Tennant's "Who Do You Think You Are?" BBC1 27/09/06

Around 20 mins in Glasgow and Mull with a background on the Highland Clearances, then off to Derry for what initially seemed an innocuous look at his footballing grandad. Then it delved into his Irish grandmother's family and it obviously got a bit uncomfortable for David - the links with the Orange lodge and sectarian corruption didn't sit well with his sensibilities. The scene where he's handed a sash was particularly awkward. Having been an effortlessly chirpy chappy to that point his demenour changed to 'politely appalled' and the next solo scene was the only point where the off-camera producer had to prompt him.Thankfully it somewhat balanced up the earlier shock with subsequent info and a neatly structured link back to the (Catholic) cousin who'd taken him to a Derry City match - he's been on the civil rights marches of the 60s and was present at Bloody Sunday.

Odd that they didn't touch on David's Dad's family at all though.

Monday, 11 September 2006

Hello Again Punters!

Picking the worst possible time, my main works computer firewalled me from the blog the day after I posted last (it never rains etc) and now I am so pissed off with BT ref cutting my line that I'm shopping around for a new Broadband provider.

Unfortunately this means I'm really not able to return to normal until the new broadband connection is sorted, hopefully later in the month.

Tuesday, 5 September 2006

I'm back!

Sorry for that unplanned break in service, suffice to say I've had a horrendous week or so off wherein I had my home broadband cut (I'm still chasing BT as to why) and got a beating up 'sequel' on Thursday night which resulted in being knocked unconscious and sustaining a numb ear for several days.

Until the home link is restored there'll be a slightly below par contribution from me though. One good thing about me being back at work means I can do some things from here.

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