Tuesday, 5 September 2006

I'm back!

Sorry for that unplanned break in service, suffice to say I've had a horrendous week or so off wherein I had my home broadband cut (I'm still chasing BT as to why) and got a beating up 'sequel' on Thursday night which resulted in being knocked unconscious and sustaining a numb ear for several days.

Until the home link is restored there'll be a slightly below par contribution from me though. One good thing about me being back at work means I can do some things from here.


Mr Oddverse said...

Beating up "sequel"! OUCH.

Graeme said...

Afraid so - the original is explained in my entry for 24 June.

seangstm said...

How do you actually get to that post? You have no archive listing as far as I can tell...?

Graeme said...

Good question - it seems to have dropped off with no explanation :(

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