Saturday, 12 August 2006

Big Brother 7 - the final week, the fatal twist

I know I was going to revisit the 'new' housemates before now, but frankly that's where the rot started from for me. For instance, I went " Well he-llo" when Michael first appeared in the House Next Door, yet he turned out a self-obsessed weirdo in no time. And Endemol hadn't checked the basics of this 'secret' twist ie soundproofing. The first 'evictee' from the HND - Jayne - broke every rule going and was 'punished' by having all the other housemates EXCEPT her put up for eviction. Notably this was the week that histrionic Nikki got the boot. It seems that wasn't in the inept production team plot.

Suddenly in the last couple of weeks the show has imploded. It is SO OBVIOUSLY being planned on the hoof and the viewers are SO OBVIOUSLY being desperately manipulated and duped in a way we only expect the housemates to be. The twist of 4 evictees going back in the HND was fine on the surface as it happened with Jon in BB4 and Kinga last year. However, they were single re-entries unable to let on to anyone about the outside world or how still imprisoned HMs were coming over. Not only could the 4 bitch and point at the 'proper' HMs, BB compounded this contamination of the concept by having the 2 eviction nominees last week join them in the HND. Just not on.

But the evil cherry on the top was the fact that the 'proper' HMs left after Friday's eviction (Pete, Aisleyne, Richard, Glyn, Jennie) would pick one of the 4 evictees to join them for the final week, and that the person picked would be eligible to WIN. That is so not on it's off the scale.

The whole concept is that BB is directed by viewers, while we knowingly accept HMs are manipulated by the show. This steps over the line as it treats viewers (let alone paying voters) as if they were HMs too. We pay for the show - we don't get duped and made to follow a prepared script.

"Big Brother" has jumped the shark with this year's production team. I will check in next year, but if the pattern re-emerges they've lost me and I doubt I'm the only one.

BTW I am currently wanting Aisleyne to win.

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