Sunday, 24 August 2008

Retro Blast - Week Ending 28 August 1993

It's 15 years ago now, and my fave show of the year debuted here on Sky One this month - Deep Space 9. I remember this kicking off my Sunday nights followed by a pint or two at the World's End pub in Finsbury Park, admiring the Australian barmen.

Sean Maguire is the totty pick. He appeared as Aidan Brosnan in "Eastenders" from January to December 1993, narrowly missing a Christmas Day demise. Sean later went on to star in "Dangerfield" and "Sunburn" here before gaining stateside credits in "The Class" and fronting "Meet the Spartans". Least said about the pop career the better ...

Apache Indian's "Boom Shack-a Lak" ended up as my favourite track of the year, even though he has since suffered the humiliation of a "Never Mind the Buzzcocks" line-up. This week the parent EP was at No6.

Departing the top spot for No2 was Freddie Mercury with a posthumous hit - Living On My Own.

Culture Beat had toppled the Queen frontman with this dance hit - Mr Vain.

4 Non-Blondes featuring songwriter Linda Perry dropped to No9.

Billy Joel enjoyed something of a comeback with "River of Dreams" - this week down to No5.

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