Monday, 18 August 2008

The 'Naughty' Blog and other housekeeping notes ...

Unless you're reading this on a feed you can't help but have notice I've changed the formatting on the site again. Should be stable for a while now as it achieves the compromises I wanted. I had to go outwith Blogger for the template and it was a bit fiddly but I rather like it. It works best on Firefox and Safari - looks a bit odd in Internet Explorer from what I've seen.

Some people have noted that the 'naughty' blog had gone - it hasn't but it will. The link just moved from the topmost part of the page but still remains lower right (now in black). However, I'm putting in far too much effort for, frankly, zero feedback and I'll probably stop updating from the end of this month. All is not lost though as the latest posts from ALL the blogs I subscribe to on Google reader are now in a similar panel, in the near right column. Note that this means I haven't picked the posts that appear specially, so beware what you might see. All these posts now come with a credit for whichever blog they appear in.

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