Thursday, 14 August 2008

Camp Classics from August 1980

Camper than a row of tents this one - not released as a single, but one of my favourite numbers from the Village People movie, "Can't Stop the Music" which was in cinemas in August 1980. This is a rather overlong edit (I'd start at 2.20 mins) of "The Milkshake Song", featuring 'all-in-white' and kiddie versions of the band. Arlene Phillips choreographed the dance sequences.

Sliding dow the chart this week (at no20, having been at No1 earlier in the summer) was Olivia Newton John/Electric Light Orchestra with the theme to another 1980 musical, "Xanadu". Marvel at Gene Kelly on rollerskates!

Going in the other direction is Kelly Marie's "Feels Like I'm in Love", which rose to No16 this week but eventually topped the chart. I remember those backing dancers, who were always dressed even more ridiculously than Kelly herself. Remarkably, the song was originally earmarked for Elvis Presley, but he died before it could be recorded.

Another Scottish lass, Sheena Easton, rises to no3 with '9 to 5' - which infamously clashed in ethos with the rather more feminist "Modern Girl" which was about to rejoin this track in the same chart. Easton got very lucky with breaks after this, soon singing the next Bond theme then going on to star in "Miami Vice" and work with Prince.

I get the feeling jumpsuits and spandex were in that summer ...

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