Sunday, 10 August 2008

Retro Blast - Week Ending 16 August 1980

My totty of the week is Christopher Atkins (19 in this month) as we're between US and UK releases of "The Blue Lagoon". Atkins went on to follow a slightly stereotyped career, posing artistically nude for "Playgirl", filling out speedoes as 'Peeder' in the 1983/84 series of "Dallas" and as a student/male stripper in "A Night in Heaven". I recall he had a heart attack or suchlike on set of that and that's certainly when he started going below the radar. His role as "Ricky Rocket" did win him the dubious honour of a worst actor"Razzie".

A shedload of Chris scans at

Rock Hudson headed up the cast of "The Martian Chronicles" which had began it's 3 episode UK run on the 9th.

THE UK SINGLES CHART (click sleeves and/or track titles for extra YouTube videos)

Rising to no13 was The Pirahnas cover of "Tom Hark"

David Bowie is a new entry at No4 this week with the fantastic "Ashes to Ashes"

Up to no5 was Roxy Music with "Oh Yeah", from the "Flesh & Blood" album.

The Clash were making slow progress to no31 with "Bankrobber", one of my favourite tracks of the year.

The B-52s languished even further down at no61 with "Give Me Back My Man".
Main news item this week were the 'Solidarity' strikes in the Gdansk shipyards, organised by Lech Walesa, later to spread across Poland.
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