Monday, 4 August 2008

1968 Totty - Christian Roberts

Not decided yet whether to put these in the main retro blast post or just follow up in the week.

Anyway, first up on the retro totty front is actor Christian Roberts, who was 24 in 1968. I'm cheating slightly as these shots both come from his role as Denham in the previous year's "To Sir With Love" but I first remember lusting after him in the 1968 Bette Davis film "The Anniversary" (which I'd urge everyone to see). In that he looks more mod than rocker and I do believe you get a flash of his tight white y-fronts in it too! (Trailer below)

Actually if you have another look at the "To Sir With Love" video I posted recently you'll spot him brawling in 1960s PE kit.

Looks like he may have retired from acting, but in the 60s and 70s he also appeared in The Avengers (Invasion of the Earthmen), The Persuaders (Take Seven), UFO (The Long Sleep), Secret Army (Weekend) and Blake's 7 (Breakdown).


xpozure4u said...

Says "video no longer available"

Graeme said...

That's the bloody trouble with YouTube. It was there on Monday (which was the first time I spotted it) and of course it still looks OK until you try to play it.


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