Saturday, 11 October 2008

The Economic Crisis Hits Home

While I was back at Meldrum Court I felt the chill of the economic downturn. Though I've been vaguely aware that it's been difficult to bag a loaf of bread for under a pound over the course of the last year, this example really hit home.

One day I was able to buy my litre bottle of "Diamond White" from the local corner shop for the usual £2.49 it's been for more years than I can accurately recall. The next day, the same product was marked up as £2.75!!!! Both are less than Asda obliges me to pay (it's gone up there to £2.98) but that's still an overnight increase of more than 10%.

One consolation is that the 500ml cans of the stuff are still going for the usual 79p there, but other locals have them at 85p. Asda have the 440ml cans at a ridiculous £1.83 per can. There's no point buying less than 4 there.

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