Monday, 20 November 2006

Torchwood - "Countrycide" 8/10

I suspect the Welsh Tourist Board aren't quite as pleased with this episode.

I actually don't have much to say about this one - it was a competent and engaging stab at the horror genre, openly borrowing from more familiar films. The big problem here was the complete lack of explanation. No natural, supernatural or extra-terrestrial reasons were given for the curiously once-a-decade cannibals. The situation 'just was'. Surely the murder reports would have shown up every 10 years too? The reason for taking the whole gang to the Brecon Beacons was very ropey - "oh dear, maybe this is the rift widening its effects".Their so-not-Top-Secret SUV was swiped far to easily, as were their comms - Jack normally has that Bluetooth headset welded to his head. Equally, though I was amused by the scene, what need was there for the cannibal-in-chief (Owen Teale guesting) to feel up both Tosh and Ianto (earning a head-butt from the latter) ?

At least Tosh was given an equal share of the action this week, and appears to be the featured character next time. There was also a good nod of continuity to events in "Cyberwoman" which is only to be encouraged. Probably the major event of "Countrycide" was the sudden ramping up of the relationship between Gwen and Owen - now very definitely consensual and physical - in a surprise last scene.

Screencaps courtesy of The Institute

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