Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Challenging times ...

Sorry for my slight disappearance - I've had a challenging few days with transport-induced stress on Sunday and a conference at work (which I was chief arranger & gopher for) on Monday and Tuesday. As a team building exercise an unfortunate few of us were promised a hillwalk in the Pentlands over Monday lunch. I hadn't bargained for the 'hill' being the highest peak in the range - Carnethy Hill - which is 470m high and described as a steep ascent. About the only item of kit I had right was my boots, and I'd been drinking the night before. Not recommended. My camera's batteries wore out half way up Turnhouse Hill (and I knew just how the battery felt) but I have a handful of pics somewhere.

Also had to get through an Indian meal in the evening (I really don't do Indian, but my pleas were ignored). We packed a table of 12 in the Indian Cavalry Club and I had Chicken Kalari - OK apart from my accidentally chewing a green chilli - washed down with several stubbies of Strongbow (I also don't do beer or lager) . Must be a top place - First Minister Jack McConnell was dining at an adjacent table.

I think my troubles (with Stagecoach buses) on Sunday may yet deserve a post of its own and a letter of complaint.

Also, my "Torchwood" review will be late because of my misadventures on that day, and my going to see "Casino Royale" tonight.

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