Thursday, 13 July 2006

Big Brother Channel - satire

Just had to post this. Thanks to Death_or_Glory over at the Digital Spy forum:

Endemol Launch New BB TV Channel

Big Brother production company Endemol has announced it's first schedules for the upcoming launch of BBTV, a channel dedicated to supporting the careers of the now famous housemates.

5.00PM "Ready Steady Cook" - Welsh celebrity chef Glyn is challenged to make a 3-course meal out of a black-pudding, whilst thrilling the audience with his catchphrase 'dyu know worra mean".
5.30PM "Friends" New character Jennie finds it difficult to make friends after Monica gets bored with her.
6.00PM "Richard & Judy" Starring Richard as Judy Finnegan. This week a look at how wearing one glove and pearls can lead to public ridicule.
6.30PM "Some Mothers Do Ave Em" - starring Pete as Frank Spencer. After falling down stairs and into a swimming pool our hero accuses Nikki of leaving skidmarks when she does a woopsie in his beret.
7.00PM "Tomorrow's World" - New science presenter Nikki shows us how the latest MP3's work - Don't try this at home kids
7.30PM "Through the Keyhole" - Aisleyne takes over from Loyd Grossman. This week we visit the house next door, where the clues include blond hair extensions and a catering pack of kleenex. Who lives in a yard like this?
8.00PM "You Are What You Eat" - This week Imogen eats a lot of vegetables.
8.30PM "Blankety Blank" - Not a remake of the classic BBC quiz show, but the title of a new 3 part drama based on the life of Mikey.
9.00PM "Wifeswap" - Jayne enjoys a week with her new family but returns home to find her husband has sold up and left the country.
10.00PM "Steptford Wives" - In tonight's first big movie Chelsea and Kent are taken over by tea-drinking, Jaguar driving, robot women with superiority complexes.
11.30PM "The Godfather IV" - Michael stars as Don Corleone and massacres his housemates as they show him no respect.
1.30AM "Taxi Driver" In the last of tonight's triple bill, Spiral plays Travis Bickle and says 'are you looking at me widdya face".

If you don't watch you won't get it but I nearly sprayed a sandwich over my computer reading it.

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