Friday, 29 February 2008

French police overpower cyclist - ADULTS ONLY

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A real scorching trio from Cadinot. Never trust police who arrive in camper vans, especially if you are cycling in ultra ripped jeans ...

PLease tell me the title of this so I can put it on my wishlist.

29 Feb edit: in his comment Stuart has correctly identified the film as 1993's "Corps d'Elite" and here's a censored photo of what to expect.


xpozure4u said...

I believe the film is Corps D'Elite

It seems that The Juiceman's Social Network has gone !!!

Graeme said...

Some of these Ning ones go down for a while, but Ning assures visitors it's only temporary so I'm leaving them up, despite the blankness.

I may review that if nothing changes soon.

I guess you must have got the title from my description!

Graeme said...

They must have heard us - it's just this minute appeared!

Anonymous said...

how can I get an invitation to The Juiceman's Social Network? can you help me?

xpozure4u said...

Try Here

Anonymous said...

thats the site link
u now need an invitation to join this site.
anyone who can invitive me on please.

xpozure4u said...

Done as you requested .!!!

Anonymous said...

if you have anymore invitations to Juiceman, please send to


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